By Joe Rice

Over the last five years ServiceMaster by Rice has continued to add more management personnel and equipment to perform large disaster recovery services for losses located within Iowa as well as disasters located outside the state and the country. Listed below is a brief summary of some of the larger projects ServiceMaster by Rice has worked on over the last five years.

Iowa Flood Emergency: ServiceMaster Water Damage Repair

During the months of June and July of 2008, the Des Moines River caused extensive water damage when heavy rains caused it to overflow its banks. The ServiceMaster by Rice water mitigation team performed water damage repair to a large manufacturer in Des Moines with 5 acres of their complex under water, a downtown office building and many smaller structures.

Disaster Cleanup After Hurricane Ike

In September of 2008, ServiceMaster by Rice responded to extensive water damage caused by Hurricane Ike in the Houston, Texas area. ServiceMaster by Rice teamed up with two other ServiceMaster teams to perform disaster restoration to the City Hall building in Sea Brook, Texas. This building suffered extensive water damage caused by the storm surge of the hurricane. To help quickly mitigate the water damage to this building, ServiceMaster by Rice employed one of their mobile 5000 CFM desiccant dehumidifiers. This helped in preventing further damage to the building.

Four Mile Creek Flood Damage Repair and Water Extraction

In early summer of 2010, heavy rains caused extensive flooding off a four-mile creek in the Des Moines area. ServiceMaster by Rice performed water damage repair to several large commercial buildings located in the flood plain of this creek. These buildings received extensive water damage and needed a company that could respond quickly to prevent further damage. During this same time, numerous residential homes were also damaged in the Des Moines area and called upon ServiceMaster by Rice for help.

Iowa State University Flood: Water Mitigation and Fire Damage Repair

During the month of August 2010, ServiceMaster by Rice responded to the Iowa State University campus, located in Ames, Iowa to perform water mitigation to numerous university buildings, including Hilton Coliseum. These buildings received extensive water damage with some that had over eight feet of standing water. Iowa State University contracted ServiceMaster by Rice to perform all the disaster recovery services necessary to allow the university to open in time for their fall classes. ServiceMaster by Rice employed the help of many large ServiceMaster’s from around the country to complete this project in a timely manner. During the water damage repair process the university also suffered fire damage to a building housing veterinarian class rooms that ServiceMaster by Rice was asked to mitigate.

ServiceMaster Goes International: Flood Damage Repair

During the summer of 2011, ServiceMaster by Rice sent one of their disaster restoration managers to Thailand to assist other ServiceMaster’s and the local work force perform water damage repair to numerous buildings that had flooded.

Large Water Loss in Iowa

In May of 2012, ServiceMaster by Rice responded to a very large water loss to the city of Chariton Iowa Community Hospital. This involved extensive water extraction, mold mitigation and a dehumidifying process.

Iowa ServiceMaster Crew Helps with Colorado Flood Damage Cleanup

During the month of September 2013, ServiceMaster by Rice dispatched crews to the areas of Colorado that had been affected by severe flooding that fall. The ServiceMaster by Rice crews performed water mitigation to homes and a building located near the campus of the University of Colorado located in Boulder, Colorado. During this same time ServiceMaster by Rice employed the help of another large ServiceMaster to perform water mitigation services to a building located in Greely, Colorado. This building is owned by a large commercial customer of ServiceMaster by Rice located in Des Moines, Iowa. The Greely building suffered water damage from a nearby river that overflowed its banks from extensive rain fall in the mountains to the west of Greely.

ServiceMaster Fire and Smoke Damage Repair

During 2009, ServiceMaster by Rice responded to numerous commercial fire damaged structures in the area including a large funeral home and a large manufacturing operation.

Post Tornado Disaster Recovery

During the month of May 2011, ServiceMaster by Rice responded to Joplin, Missouri to help with the disaster restoration damaged caused by the F5 tornado. ServiceMaster by Rice was contracted to help repair several very large commercial retail stores in the area including a Walmart store.

Tornado Damage: Creston, Iowa Disaster Restoration

In April 2012, ServiceMaster by Rice sent crews to the city of Creston, Iowa to perform disaster restoration to buildings suffering water damage from the tornado that ripped through the north side of the city. ServiceMaster by Rice performed water damage repair to the buildings owned by the city of Creston, the Creston Community School District and Southwest Community College.

Lightning Strikes: Fire and Smoke Damage Repair in Cherokee, Iowa

During June of 2012, the ServiceMaster by Rice Storm Lake operation was called in to perform an evaluation for fire mitigation in Cherokee, Iowa. St. Paul’s Church suffered extensive fire and smoke damage. This extensive damage to the church’s large sanctuary and kitchen area required resources from all of ServiceMaster by Rice locations in Iowa.
In August 2012, a severe weather system producing lighting in north central Iowa struck a large commercial company. The lighting strike caused extensive fire and smoke damage to two of their office buildings, these buildings also suffered water damage when the fire control system was activated. ServiceMaster by Rice quick response helped prevent further damage.

Extensive Water and Mold Mitigation Projects

During the months of July, August, September and October 2013, ServiceMaster by Rice mobilized crews to the city of High Water British Columbia in Canada. This city suffered extensive water damage caused by heavy rains. ServiceMaster by Rice assisted many other ServiceMaster’s from the United States in performing water mitigation to the many water damaged homes that also included mold mitigation.

Water and Mold Mitigation in Grimes

In September of 2013, ServiceMaster by Rice responded to a school located in Grimes, Iowa. The school suffered extensive water damage when its roof was blown off during the large wind storm of September 19th. ServiceMaster by Rice employed the use of one of their 5000 CFM desiccant dehumidifiers to help mitigate the water damage to prevent further damage.