As we finally move into spring and warmer weather, not only do Iowans face potential flooding from melting snow and heavier rain showers, we also begin to see the beginning of severe weather. Tornadoes, thunderstorms and heavy wind and rain can cause flooding and downed power lines, a combination that can lead to big problems—problems like standing water in your basement. When the sump pump goes out and water starts backing up into your basement, there isn’t much to do but wait for the storm to pass. If you do wake up to the unfortunate sight of a foot of water in your basement after a storm, don’t panic. ServiceMaster by Rice specializes in all the aspects of basement flooding and can help you get your home back on track so you can enjoy those April showers and May flowers again.

So, you see water flooding into your basement. What next?

Call Your Nearest ServiceMaster by Rice

DON’T go into a flooded basement unless your power has been turned off. Call ServiceMaster by Rice right away and avoid messing with any electrical wires or retrieving possessions from the water. Whether you’re in the Des Moines area, Carroll, Cedar Rapids, Spencer, Storm Lake, Atlantic, or Fairmont, MN, there’s a ServiceMaster nearby that can help. To find a ServiceMaster location near you, click here.

Begin Water Extraction Immediately

ServiceMaster specializes in handling flood damage and water damage in your home or business. ServiceMaster by Rice will bring a team of professionals with the best equipment to first remove the standing water from your basement. With intense vacuum power, the water will be sucked out and ran into the storm drains outside. Even though the bulk of the water will be gone, the problems are far from over.

Get Temporary Power

If you’ve lost power or had to turn it off in order to start the flood cleanup process, ServiceMaster by Rice can prove temporary power to your home (or business) with generator power until your power comes back on. If basement outlets are under water or were soaking in water for a long period of time, for safety reasons you should have the power turned off and use temporary power for the time being. Rather than sharing power with your neighbors, which can also be dangerous and can damage your house and theirs, temporary power provides a safer option for you to run your household or business and to get your sump pump up and running again.

Avoid Water Damage

Once the water has been removed from the basement, thoroughly drying out the area is important to avoid a host of problems. If the water had been sitting in the basement for a long period of time, carpets, dry wall, furniture and electronics all can sustain serious water damage even after just a few hours of exposure. At all of their locations, ServiceMaster by Rice has high powered dehumidifiers to get your basement fully dried out before you start living or working in it again. If ServiceMaster is called quickly, our teams can help mitigate serious water damage from your home, saving you time and money.

Begin Mold Cleanup

One of the biggest side effects from a flooded basement and severe water damage is mold. Mold can set in on your furniture, in your carpet and in your walls before you can even see it. ServiceMaster by Rice has the professional equipment and expertise to get mold cleaned up before it becomes a major problem. With every basement flooding situation, the ServiceMaster team will do a thorough inspection once the water has been removed to determine the severity of the water damage and whether or not mold could become a problem in the future. If they do find a mold concern, depending on how severe the flooding and water damage was to the home, then you can rest assured the ServiceMaster team will completely take care of the mold problem before they leave.

Need Furniture & Upholstery Cleaning?

Another thing ServiceMaster by Rice offers as a part of their residential service package is professional furniture and upholstery cleaning. If your basement furniture sustained water damage, mold damage or stains after your basement flooded, ServiceMaster has powerful cleaning methods that are also gentle on upholstery and help protect your investment on your home.

Get Your Carpet Cleaned

The last step in cleaning up a basement flood is getting your carpets cleaned. If your basement has carpet, you know there is always a risk of water damage. Luckily, ServiceMaster by Rice specializes in carpet steam cleaning. They will remove any excess water from your carpets, clean up and dirt stains and treat your carpets to make sure you won’t have a mold problem after the water damage to your basement.

Dealing with a flooded basement is really more than just getting the standing water out; it also requires attention to excess water and mold to make sure your home has no lasting problems due to the water damage. ServiceMaster by Rice not only gets the water out, they also specialize in all the problems that come along with a basement flood, making them your Iowa disaster restoration experts.

Contact your nearest ServiceMaster by Rice today if you have a basement flood or questions about how water damage might have affected your home!