Disaster Recovery in Des Moines Made Easy

For some reason, disasters always seem to happen when you are least prepared. Tornado sirens go off in the middle of the night, fires happen when you aren’t home and flooding and water damage happen before you can stop it. Luckily, ServiceMaster by Rice offers a service that can get you priority disaster restoration and repair services in Des Moines, Carroll, Fort Dodge, Atlantic, Cedar Rapids, Spencer, Okoboji and Storm Lake. With our Priority Response Program (PRP), businesses can get on a list that will put them at the front of our service requests in the event of a severe storm or fire. This program makes your disaster a priority for the ServiceMaster by Rice team, no matter how extensive the damage is. Day or night, when a natural disaster, severe storm or fire happens, we are there to handle the water damage repair, water extraction and disaster repairs we get there quickly.

Pre-Loss Plan

With the PRP plan, you don’t just get on our priority list in case of a disaster happening at your home or business, you also get the benefits of a ServiceMaster by Rice Pre-Loss Plan. Help prepare your business for any and all types of disasters so your restoration process will go smoothly. While this is not required to complete to join the Priority Response Program, we highly recommend going through this exercise to ensure your business is as secure as possible. Once we help you create this plan, you can download the guide and start preparing your employees right away so they have the right tools to help them handle a water loss, fire, tornado and more.

IICRC Certified Professionals

ServiceMaster by Rice has many professionals on their disaster restoration team who are IICRC certified. Our certifications include carpet cleaning, water damage restoration, fire and smoke restoration, mold remediation and removal, upholstery and fabric cleaning, odor control and applied structural drying. Essentially, ServiceMaster by Rice can handle any disaster that might come your way.

Fast Disaster Restoration in Des Moines

Whether your business is affected by a tornado, hail damage, high winds, flooding, fire or an electrical outage, ServiceMaster by Rice and the PRP program will have you covered. When a disaster strikes, no matter when it is, just give us a call and we will be there to take care of your disaster damage quickly.

Priority Response Program Benefits

The benefits of the Priority Response program are extensive. There is no obligation to use the service, it’s free to sign up and you can get your name on the list quickly. We hope that you don’t need to use it, but if you do need us, you’re our priority. If you don’t have a preferred contractor in line to help take care of your business in the event of a disaster, let us keep you on the top of our list. Taking care of water, fire or smoke damage right away decreases long term damage and costs to you and your business. We can come out to your home or business any time and we have 24/7 service since you never know when a disaster is going to happen. Our main goal is to make sure your business is back up and running as quickly as possible. We will come to your business or home and attend to it within 24 hours of the disaster happening. An entire experienced disaster restoration team led by certified professionals will work around the clock to get your home or business back to normal.

To get started on your PRP application, contact ServiceMaster by Rice today or fill out the PRP application online. We will give you a free disaster planning guide, get you signed up for the PRP and help you be better prepared for disasters in your area.