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May is a great time to get your carpets cleaned and here’s why: winter is finally over and it will actually keep your carpets cleaner. It’s easy to leave your carpets sitting there dirty through the entire winter because it seems silly to clean them until the salt, slush and snow are over. Now that that’s over, it can also seem silly to clean your carpets when summer is just around the corner. However, now is an excellent time to get those carpets cleaned to prep for warmer weather and more activity coming through your house. Our carpet cleaning process can help your carpets resist dirt, dust, pollen and more during the summer months. Kids and pets are spending more time outside, which means tracking in all those things we would like to stay outside like mud, pet hair and dust. By getting your carpets professionally cleaned with ServiceMaster by Rice you can protect your carpets and keep them resistant to dirt throughout the summer with our efficient, thorough and green carpet cleaning process.

Carpet Inspection & Vacuuming

Our trained ServiceMaster technicians will walk through your home to assess the areas you need cleaned. Whether it is carpet cleaning or tile and grout cleaning, our deep cleaning professionals know what to look for to ensure you get the best cleaning job possible. We will also pre-vacuum in your home to ensure that no surface dirt is left behind and to remove things like pet hair, debris and dust before we clean your carpets. You can vacuum yourself before we get there, but we can also do it for you with our heavy duty vacuums.

Furniture Moving

Larger items like beds and heavy furniture are left in place during out carpet cleaning process, but sofas, chairs and tables can all be moved carefully out of the way so we can thoroughly clean the space. If you have an area rug, we can either take it back to our offices for professional cleaning or we can clean around it. We can also clean furniture and upholstery during our carpet cleaning process.

Pre-Spot Treatment

If we notice any large, permanent or deep stains upon our initial inspection, we will pre-treat those spots to ensure they disappear as much as possible. Some spots just are not going to come out, but we do our best to make them disappear from your carpets. We pre-spray with a green cleaning solution prior to our hot water extraction.


If necessary, our carpet cleaners will use light agitation to encourage stubborn stains to come out of your carpet.

Hot Water Extraction

Our hot water extraction process is the only carpet cleaning technique that is approved for maintaining your carpet warranty. It’s completely safe, it’s effective and it won’t damage or change your carpet. Plus, it is proven to remove any cleaning solution and dirt and it doesn’t leave a sticky, soapy residue behind. We bring our own water and dispose of it in our own sanitary waste water line so you don’t have to worry about it going on to your lawn or down your storm drain after we are finished cleaning your carpets.

pH Balance

Just like we do when we clean your tile and grout, we ensure your carpet’s pH balance is restored to normal after we clean your carpets. The hot water extraction ensures that you carpets are balanced, something the carpet manufacturers recommend for maintaining the life of your carpet.

Post Spot Treatment

Our carpet cleaning technicians always go back and check your carpets to see how the stains they noted in their initial inspection look after the hot water extraction. If they are still visible we will do a post cleaning spot treatment to further remove them from your carpet.


After the carpet cleaning is over, we set the carpet pile and get high powered fans in your home to ensure the drying process starts quickly.

Post Carpet Cleaning Inspection

Once the carpet drying process has begun, our carpet cleaning team goes through the entire area to make sure the carpet pile is set properly, your furniture has been placed on barriers – if you wanted it moved back – and that any concerning stains were removed to the best of our ability.

Our carpet cleaning process is proven to work as well as maintain the integrity of your carpets. ServiceMaster by Rice has been cleaning carpets in Des Moines and Iowa since 1954 and we are insured and bonded.  When a ServiceMaster truck pulls into your driveway for a carpet cleaning, you know you’re going to get the best service possible. Contact us today to schedule a service appointment. ServiceMaster by Rice does professional carpet cleaning in Atlantic, Carroll, Fairmont, Cedar Rapids, Spencer and Okoboji as well as the Des Moines area.