Call ServiceMaster by Rice for Des Moines Area Wood Floor Cleaning

We all know it’s true; hardwood floors are the dream to have throughout your home. They are a great investment that not only improves the look and feel of your home and raise your resale value, they also are usually easier to maintain and clean than carpets. However, just like carpeting, hardwood floors need to be professionally cleaned every so often to protect that investment. ServiceMaster by Rice can give your wood floors a professional deep cleaning and protection so you can preserve their lifespan in your home.

How Often Do You Recommend Wood Floor Cleaning?

Just like your carpets, ServiceMaster recommends getting your hardwood flooring cleaned once or twice a year. If you have kids, pets or a lot of natural wear and tear on your wood floors, getting them professionally cleaned more often might be a good idea. This could mean scheduling a professional cleaning for your wood floors every 3-6 months. ServiceMaster by Rice doesn’t just focus on cleaning the surface dirt off of the wood, our professional cleaning team also wants to protect and preserve your wood flooring after the cleaning process.

How Exactly Does ServiceMaster by Rice Clean Hardwood Floors?

When our team comes in to take care of your wood floors, we bring the best cleaning products and technology so your family and your home aren’t affected by the process. First, we clean your floors with our high speed rotary brushes and a gentle but powerful cleaning solution that doesn’t damage your wood floor’s sealant or shine. The high speed brushes buffer dirt off your surfaces and penetrates into the smallest cracks to get out even deeply embedded contaminants. Once we have extracted the dirt we use a powerful vacuum to get off the excess cleaning solution and grime.

How Do You Protect my Wood Floors?

Once the cleaning process is finished on your hardwood floors, we don’t just stop there. Our team will be professional, detailed and thorough during the entire process. Cleaning the floors first then allows us to restore their pH balance and capture any remaining dirt on them. We then place a maintenance coat on your wood floors to seal your floors until their next cleaning. This helps keep dirt just on the surface and prolongs their lifespan in your home. If you want, we can also protect your floors against scratches and damage with a poly coat.

Will Floor Cleaners Cause My House To Smell Like Chemicals?

No; you’ll find that the ServiceMaster by Rice wood floor cleaning process is not as high maintenance or disrupting as you might think. Our cleaning solution is non-toxic and gentle on your floor’s finish, meaning there is no strong smell like other industrial cleaning products. Our process is also dust-free and requires very minimal time spent off your floors. Your floors will be protected, there is no sticky residue left on them and your family life is not interrupted.

How Can I Protect my Hardwood Floors Between Professional Cleanings?

Of course you can clean and maintain your hardwood floors on a regular basis on your own. Sweeping, vacuuming and using approved wood floor cleaners in between professional cleanings is important to keeping dirt from penetrating too deeply into the floors. There are some things to avoid doing to your wood flooring so you don’t accidentally damage it. For a complete list, visit our Hardwood Floor Cleaning page.

  1. Avoid using wax, oil or harsh industrial cleaners on your wood floor.
  2. Avoid leaving spills on your wood floor. Remove them immediately.
  3. Avoid using rubber backed mats.
  4. Don’t do anything that will cause deep scratches in your wood floor like wearing high heels or dragging furniture across the room.
  5. Avoid high humidity in your home to prevent warping, cracking or shrinking.

The ServiceMaster by Rice team makes sure that your floors are thoroughly cleaned, protected and sealed. Not only does this maintain your floors and keep them looking nice for special occasions, it also protects and preserves your investment in your home so it lasts for years to come. For professional wood floor cleaning and our other services like tile and grout cleaning, carpet cleaning and furniture cleaning, contact ServiceMaster by Rice today!