Quality Des Moines Upholstery & Furniture Cleaning

Upholstered furniture like couches, chairs and loveseats are not inexpensive pieces to purchase for the home. However they do tend to be treated as expendable items, and don’t receive the kind of care that could actually help prolong their lives and reduce the wear and tear that comes with existing in a lived-in home.

For some people the idea of having their furniture professionally cleaned has never crossed their mind, while for others it seems like an unnecessary expense. Having a professional, experienced team regularly clean your upholstery will remove allergens and smells within the fabric, help your furniture last longer, and will make them look new again. It is a much less expensive alternative than buying new furniture when the pieces you already have and enjoy begin to show their age. When residents of Des Moines hire ServiceMaster by Rice to thoroughly and professionally clean their upholstered furniture, they can be confident in the quality service and cleaning that their furniture will receive.

Why Should I Have a Professional Steam Clean my Furniture?

Dust mites and other microscopic organisms thrive in environments with a stable climate and plenty of food… which is why the couch in your home may be full of these minuscule organisms. Humans shed skin on a daily basis, and most of us spend a lot of time on the furniture in our living rooms –relaxing, hanging out with friends, and shedding skin on the upholstery.

Also of concern is the fact that some types of furniture are porous, and if this porous furniture experiences damp conditions and absorbs moisture, mold can begin to grow and effect the health of you and your family.

Without proper cleaning, like the kind that comes from a professional with the right tools and supplies, these organisms will continue to flourish, live and spread.

How Can ServiceMaster by Rice Help Extend the Life of my Furniture?

Dirt and debris are factors that we must all deal with. We mingle with dirt at work, outside, and eventually bring it inside our homes. Dirt will inevitably find its way to our upholstered furniture and begin to contribute to the slow decay of the fabric, eroding the material until tears and holes emerge. The simple way to fight back against the ever-present dirt is to have your couches, love seats and chairs regularly deep cleaned. The soil will be broken down and washed away by the high-powered tools possessed by the professionals at Service Master by Rice – thus extending the life, as well as the age-less look, of your upholstered furniture.

Why Does the Fabric of my Chair Smell Funny and How do I Make it Stop?

Fabrics tend to absorb odors that linger in their environment; in households where people smoke or where animals are inside most of the time, the odors caused by them are more than likely reflected in the smell of the upholstery on the furniture.

Once a stench has permeated the fabric of your furniture for a long enough period of time, regular methods of eradicating the odors are no longer as effective. Because most people don’t have commercial grade equipment and extensive experience with removing ground in scents, hiring a professional furniture cleaning service like ServiceMaster by Rice is one of the best options to get your furniture smelling fresh and clean again.

The furniture in our home says a lot about us – what our style is, whether we clean often, if we have pets that hang out on the couch all day – so it is important to make sure we take all the necessary steps to keep our investment (because most pieces of furniture are expensive and shouldn’t be gotten rid of after just a year or two) lasting as long as possible, in the best shape possible. We can do this with regular maintenance. By hiring ServiceMaster by Rice to professionally clean your furniture, you will be extending the life of your fabric by removing the dirt and grime that eventually breaks down the fibers, as well as removing unsightly stains and odors, breathing new life into the furniture that you specifically chose to fill your home.

Contact your local ServiceMaster by Rice to take care of your furniture. We serve the Des Moines metro, as well as Atlantic, Carroll, Cedar Rapids, Fort Dodge, Spencer, Milford, Fairmont and Austin, MN and the surrounding areas.