For many people in the Des Moines, Storm Lake, Atlantic, Carroll, Cedar Rapids, and Fairmont areas, cleaning the tile and grout in our kitchens and bathrooms is pretty self-explanatory. We sweep and mop and figure that’s all that needs to be done. On closer inspection, however, the grout in between the tiles is really a hotbed for collecting germs, bacteria and mold because it’s generally more difficult to thoroughly clean – grout needs more than just a once over with a mop.

Professional tile and grout cleaners like ServiceMaster by Rice use the most advanced tools of the trade to deeply clean and steam out any dirt, bacteria, mold and other impurities lurking in your grout. This is especially important not just because the grime that builds up in between your tiles promotes a grungy, dirty looking atmosphere, but also because the health of you and your family can be affected over time by the buildup of harmful mold and bacteria.

We have listed three reasons why choosing ServiceMaster by Rice for professional tile and grout cleaning is the best option for keeping your house clean, your family healthy, and the longevity of your tile and grout as protracted as possible.

Save Money and Maintain the Value of Your Floors—Clean Your Tile and Grout

You can extend the lifespan of your flooring, which you no doubt invested in with the hopes of it lasting for the duration of your time in your home, with routine maintenance and professional care. It isn’t uncommon for a homeowner to be told that their tile and grout needs to be completely replaced… this is usually because proper cleaning has not taken place. And while many people consistently sweep and mop their floors, dirt and mold can build and grow within and around tile unless proper deep-cleaning techniques are applied.

With regular use, professional cleaners can help ensure that your tile and grout won’t need to be replaced because of the advanced equipment they have at their disposal to thoroughly clean, steam and disinfect your flooring.

You will save money in the long run because you won’t have to go through the costly business of pulling up and replacing your old, cracked tiles and disintegrating grout.

Your Kitchen & Bathrooms Aren’t Really Dirty, They Just Look Like They Are

The flooring in kitchens and bathrooms tend to have tile flooring because people generally find that they are easier to clean. And while it is true that sweeping and mopping can be quicker than vacuuming, regular deep cleaning of the grout holding the tiles in place is absolutely necessary to get any mold or growing stains out before they become larger and more of a problem.

Servicemaster by Rice uses commercial-grade equipment to effectively remove set-in stains, mold growth and bacteria. This process will greatly brighten your kitchen and bathroom floors and evoke a cleaner, more inviting atmosphere than before.

Mold Removal From Tile and Grout

Once mold has begun to grow in the grout between your tiles, using bleach and a sponge may no longer be successful in effectively removing the problem. Over time mold will continue to grow and reproduce, especially in the relatively stable climate of a residential bathroom, and can lead to health complications like respiratory issues and allergic reactions. At this point it is essential to hire a professional tile and grout cleaner to deeply clean and remove any residual mold growth that regular maintenance and bleach scrubbing missed and which led to the initial growth of mold.

Contact The Tile & Grout Clean Up Experts

Maintaining tile and grout cleanliness in between professional cleanings is definitely recommended and easy to do. Continuing with your regular kitchen and bathroom cleaning routine is all it takes – just be sure to set up recurring appointments with ServiceMaster by Rice for periodic deep-cleaning to ensure the continued health of your family and longevity of your tile and grout. Get in contact with us today!