After a Tornado or Severe Weather, ServiceMaster by Rice Is Here For You

Iowa natives can withstand severe weather better than most of the country. From blizzards to tornadoes to baseball size hail, we deal with it all year round. This year it seems that more of our thunderstorms are severe and there are more news stories about tornado, flooding and hail damage than ever before. Luckily, ServiceMaster by Rice specializes in weather disaster repair and clean up and can get to your home or business quickly after a storm hits. With locations in Des Moines, Carroll, Atlantic, Okoboji, Spencer, Cedar Rapids, Fairmont and Storm Lake, we can get to your home or business quickly after storm damage happens. Whether you need flood clean up, hail damage repair, tornado clean up and repair or structural drying, ServiceMaster by Rice has a certified professional on staff who can get your home cleaned up after a storm.

Flood Damage Clean Up

With record rain levels already in 2014 and major floods showing up every couple of years, flooding is something that Iowans are accustomed to dealing with. Most of our rain is coming from severe weather which means more rain in a shorter period of time. Since the ground is already completely saturated with water, this means flash floods that can affect crops, businesses and homes. When you call the professionals at ServiceMaster by Rice after a flood, you’ll get efficient and thorough water damage repair and flood clean up services that will get your home or business back to where you need it. We specialize in residential and commercial flood clean up so whether you have basement flooding in your home or storm damage to your office, we can help. Flooding has been a major problem this year in some of our northern service areas including Spencer, Storm Lake, Sioux Center and Okoboji, so our regional offices can get to you quickly after flooding and water damage happen. Our flood clean up process includes water extraction, structural drying and any mold removal that might be necessary if the water stood for a long period of time.

Hail Damage Repair

We’ve all heard the tales of golf ball, baseball and softball sized hail during Iowa storms this year, but if it’s happened at your home you understand the severity of hail damage. While we can’t help you with hail damage to your car, crops or landscaping, ServiceMaster by Rice can help you with hail damage repair on your house or office building. Our Priority Response Program (PRP) puts you on the top of the list for disaster restoration services so your business gets the necessary repairs it needs after hail and water damage. To see how we can help you get disaster restoration for your business quickly and easily through PRP, click here. With our PRP, ServiceMaster by Rice can handle all the clean up and restoration, all you have to do is get on our list. We also partner with Restore Magic Construction to get your home or business structurally sound again after severe weather and hail damage.

Tornado Damage Repair

After a tornado strikes, there can be tree damage and wind damage to your home and yard. ServiceMaster by Rice can handle the cleanup process and Restore Magic Construction can come take care of any reconstruction you might need. If a tree comes crashing through your roof in the middle of the night, ServiceMaster by Rice can send someone right out to assess the damage, handle tornado cleanup and take care of any flooding or water damage. Our qualified and IIRC certified team members can handle commercial and residential tornado clean up jobs of virtually any size because we have the equipment and man power to back us up.

If your home or business has been affected by severe weather or if you need natural disaster repairs, call ServiceMaster by Rice right away. In the event of hail, tornado and flood damage, the best way to handle clean up, repairs and restoration is to get it done quickly. If you’re a part of our Priority Response Program, we can promise to be there within 24 hours for natural disaster repairs. Contact ServiceMaster by Rice today for quick service or more information, and don’t let a natural disaster or severe weather get the best of your home or business.