Trauma cleanup—for a suicide, homicide, unattended death or even decontamination for the living spaces of hoarders—is not generally the kind of task a family or landlord wants to take care of. Unfortunately, the job of cleaning up after a trauma that occurs in a home, hotel or private business is not managed by anyone but the home or business owner. Trauma cleanup is not seen as the responsibility of law enforcement personnel, paramedics, crime-scene investigators or coroners.

Cleaning up the home of a hoarder or after a trauma requires more than just removing all obvious traces of the event that took place in an area or eradicating a hoarder’s things. In a crime scene blood and other bodily fluids can seep into the flooring below carpet or hardwood, work its way through walls and into insulation as well as leave behind a distinct stench that won’t go away without help. In cases of hoarding cleanup, hazardous chemicals that have been inadvertently created by compounded materials and then dispersed into the air are real concerns that have serious potential health risks.

What Types of Trauma Cleanup Services Does ServiceMaster by Rice Perform?

When you choose a company to perform trauma cleanup, selecting a service that has been in business for a long time and that has extensive experience in the type of cleanup you need taken care of is of crucial importance. With Service Master by Rice you will be employing a trauma cleanup company that has handled biohazard, blood and body fluid cleaning, unattended death cleanup, crime scene cleanup, hoarding cleanup, industrial accident and injury cleaning, and vehicle blood and body fluid cleaning.

Vehicle Blood and Body Fluid Cleaning

Generally an afterthought, professional vehicle cleaning after it has been bled in is actually very important. Even if you personally steam clean the entire interior of your vehicle and disinfect every inch with general cleaners, it won’t be enough. Professional, commercial grade sanitizers are just the tip of the iceberg – thorough cleaning and the knowledge of how best to handle each unique vehicle cleanup is also part of the process.

Industrial Accidents & Injury Cleaning

ServiceMaster by Rice recommends professional cleanup services for all incidents that occur in a workplace setting involving more than a small amount of body fluid. If an untrained individual attempts to clean up a workplace accident they will be at risk for any pathogens or diseases still living in the remaining fluids. Moreover, allowing an untrained person to clean up after an accident in the workplace may also have legal ramifications for the company itself.

Hoarding Cleanup

Cleaning, sanitizing and removing hazardous materials from the home of a hoarder can be a dangerous undertaking for the individuals involved. Materials brought into a home by a hoarder are not always clean or sanitary and can compound over time into something dangerous and chemically hazardous. Hiring a professional cleanup company like Service Master by Rice will ensure that the hoarder’s space is efficiently and entirely cleaned.

Crime Scene Cleanup

These types of situations require extreme caution and safety because of the generally messy nature of a crime scene. Fingerprint dust, bodily fluids and body tissue can all be present at a crime scene, and proper care and cleaning from certified technicians is usually necessary when returning a home or business to its previous condition.

Unattended Death Cleanup

A body will naturally begin to decompose shortly after death. A body that has been left to decompose for days or even weeks incurs numerous changes – the body will swell, organs will digest themselves and skin begins to dissolve. Throughout the decomposition, chemicals from the body are released that can hold within them mold spores, pathogens, bacteria and disease. Accompanying the physical fluctuations and chemical reactions is a smell that can permeate its surroundings until only a professional cleaning service with commercial grade equipment can eradicate it.

ServiceMaster by Rice recommends employing a cleanup service with the necessary training and experience to clean, disinfect and deodorize any space where an unattended death has occurred—don’t take on the task of cleaning it up yourself.

Biohazard, Body Fluid and Blood Cleaning

In the event of an accident, violent crime or suicide, a certified professional is needed for the trauma cleanup process. Pathogens, bacteria, disease and other harmful elements may be present in any residual brain matter, body tissues or blood.

The experienced trauma cleanup team at ServiceMaster by Rice is certified to clean a space where biohazard materials, blood and body fluids are present.

Cleaning up after a trauma has occurred requires a very specialized set of skills as well as certain permits and training. It is not a job for everyone, which is why ServiceMaster by Rice has acquired all of the required permits for biohazard waste transportation and removal, thoroughly trained and certified each of its technicians in the intricacies of trauma cleanup and has extensive experience in cleaning up messy situations throughout the Des Moines, Cedar Rapids, Fairmont, Storm Lake, Milford, Carroll and Atlantic areas.