Mold is a common occurrence in everyday life – most of us have experienced it in one form or another either on food, in a damp area like a bathroom or basement or elsewhere. In Iowa, where humidity is the rule rather than the exception, mold has ample opportunity to grow and spread in your Des Moines, Carroll, Cedar Rapids, Fairmont, Storm Lake, Spencer or Milford home or business. While there are many different kinds of mold, they still share certain common attributes. For example, molds thrive in moist and humid environments, they also require an organic food source like cellulose, which can be found in building materials like wood and drywall, and they are spread by microscopic airborne spores.

Molds and mold spores are naturally present in the outdoor environment all around us. The outdoor mold isn’t generally where problems arise – indoor mold growth is what can become a tenacious problem. Mold spreads quickly and produces an unpleasant musty odor. If allowed to grow unchecked, mold can cause discoloration, structural damage to building materials and even health issues for people with sensitivity to mold allergens. Once mold growth has reached a significant amount indoors it can begin to impact air quality and can be difficult and expensive to remove. Mold contamination is a growing concern for homeowners, property managers, insurance providers and restoration companies.

What Can Be Done to Defend Against a Mold Infestation?

In order to prevent the spread of mold, it is of vital importance to react quickly in the event of water damage that can lead to mold growth – mold can begin to grow within 48 hours and can spread even more quickly once it has started without interference.

By recognizing and quickly eradicating the source of the water and implementing a rapid drying process, mold growth can be stopped. The most effective drying techniques involve the use of sensitive tools to measure and record the temperature, humidity and moisture content of both the structure and contents of the home building. Professional water damage restoration can mean the difference between a small water problem and a structure completely covered in mold.

The professionals at ServiceMaster by Rice have extensive experience with mold mitigation and remediation and are here to help ensure your home or business is quickly freed from the damaging effects of mold growth.

What Actions Should Be Taken Against Mold?

As soon as a person discovers mold growth it is imperative to contact a company experienced in the quick remediation and mitigation of mold. Once ServiceMaster by Rice has arrived at the site we will take any necessary actions, including reporting our observations to your insurance company to start that particular process. Depending on the extent of the mold contamination, for example if it is in an isolated area or is less than 10 square feet, expensive testing and protocols can usually be discarded. If this is the case, Service Master by Rice can move forward with the claim and begin emergency water mitigation services, which would include the remediation of the 10 square feet or less of mold. By isolating the affected area and removing the mold we will be able to protect the surrounding areas from the spread of mold spores.

During instances where Service Master by Rice is presented with a site affected by mold pollution more than 10 square feet, we take steps to contain the contaminated area, stop the normal water mitigation process and immediately inform the insurance company. In these cases we strongly recommend the use of an environmental testing service to establish baseline levels of mold as well as to identify the types of mold present and to develop a plan of remediation and mitigation. We work with the insurance company to try and come up with the best plan of action and procedure.

At ServiceMaster by Rice we take every necessary step to help resolve any mold mitigation needs that you or your business may need help with. When you work with Service Master by Rice you are working with experienced technicians who utilize the most advanced cleaning equipment and resources available. We will remove the mold that can be so damaging to the structure of your home or business while simultaneously working with you and your insurance company to make it as seamless a process as possible. Contact your local ServiceMaster by Rice today to get started.