In the last 10 years, the United States has experienced an average of 27 catastrophes a year that has cost businesses billions of dollars. Businesses need a way to quickly recover from extreme damage, and with ServiceMaster by Rice we can help you prepare for any possible destructive event.

Whether you experience flooding, fire or some other act from Mother Nature, the time your business spends closed will lose you customers, revenue and inventory. Water and smoke-damaged items, as well as structural damage, can quickly become unsalvageable without immediately taking effective action. Prepare yourself and your business with your local Service Master by Rice 866 Recover plan. We serve Des Moines, Storm Lake, Spencer, Milford and most of Iowa.

The Priority Response Program (PRP) from ServiceMaster by Rice will help your business get through an emergency from the initial preparation to the mitigation process. We believe that any strong business model needs to include a contingency plan for emergencies and natural disasters, and with the Servicemaster by Rice PRP plan we will provide exhaustive services that include emergency procedures planning to mitigation and reconstruction with large-loss capabilities. This plan also guarantees priority emergency response service – in the event of an emergency or natural disaster you have peace of mind knowing that you can call 1-866-RECOVER and your business will receive the fast response and technical expertise necessary to get your business up and running again as quickly as possible.

Planning for an Emergency

Set your business up for success with preparations that cover any event. With Service Master by Rice and our Priority Response Program, we will provide complete assistance with your emergency procedures planning. The value in ensuring the people within your company know what to do and who to call in an emergency situation is vast. This preparedness can mean the difference between lost property, inventory, revenue and customers and bouncing back to your company’s full strength.

When you participate in the Priority Response Program, you will have access to a simple emergency procedures template, which can be easily filled out implemented with your employees. For companies in need of a larger contingency plan, ServiceMaster by Rice can help you get in contact with the right people.

Priority Response in Des Moines, Carroll and Ankeny

Once you enroll your business in the Priority Response Program you can make a single call at any time and on any day throughout the year to get an immediate emergency response. Even in the event of a massive disaster that affects an entire region, your business will get priority service and the help it needs to quickly get back to running as though the disaster had never occurred. Within a two to four hour block of time after the initial call our emergency services will begin.

Gain Access to all the Emergency Recovery Services your Des Moines Business Needs

With the Priority Response Program from ServiceMaster by Rice your business will have access to complete loss recovery services including fire and smoke restoration, water damage mitigation, drying and dehumidification, document drying and recovery, building stabilization, controlled demolition, safety and compliance, project management and consultation services, and reconstruction services with large-loss capabilities. Regardless of the scope of damage, a single call to 1-866-RECOVER will ensure your priority status to the services you need. Each of our programs include a centralized billing and communications feature as well as pre-approved insurance industry pricing.

Choose ServiceMaster by Rice for your Disaster Recovery Needs

With our large variety of commercial loss management services, Service Master by Rice has the unique opportunity to provide our customers with the shortest response time in the industry. We offer the necessary experience, coverage, stability and reconstruction capabilities that every business needs in the event of a loss, as well as priority emergency response when it’s needed most. The national ServiceMaster Restore network has the ability to handle even the largest disasters any time, any day. Your local ServiceMaster by Rice has the strength of a national company behind it to provide access to resources that you may not have otherwise been able to procure.

Prepare for the unforeseen with Priority Response Program and ServiceMaster by Rice. Our advanced system, rapid response time and huge array of available services will get your business back up and running as quickly as possible. Don’t leave your company at the mercy of Mother Nature… fight back with a contingency plan from Servicemaster by Rice.