November is here and Thanksgiving is quickly approaching. That means family, friends, football, and a lot of food! What else does it mean? A potential fire in your home. On average over 900 homes are destroyed on Thanksgiving from a cooking fire, according to the National Fire Protection Association. That totals over $15-million in property damage and quite a few extra crispy turkeys.

At ServiceMaster by Rice we understand how difficult it can be for you and your family after a fire takes place at your home. Though you have probably thought about what to do and how to properly evacuate your home in case of a fire, you likely haven’t thought about what the next steps are after the fire has taken place. That’s where we come in. We have worked on many large fire losses and understand all of the proper procedures that need to take place to make your life easier.

24/7 Emergency Response in Des Moines, Atlantic, Spencer and Carroll

One thing we pride ourselves on at ServiceMaster by Rice is our 24/7 Emergency Response efforts. We don’t leave the office on Friday and shut off our phone until Monday, we are ready any day and any night to assist you when you need us. After we arrive on the scene of the fire, we like to cover all of the openings to minimize damage from the elements and vandalism. We treat each of our fire restorations on a case by case basis, approaching each and every fire damage with a set plan.

The ServiceMaster by Rice Fire Restoration Process

We strive to make our fire restoration process as efficient as possible. Assessing the fire and smoke damage is one of the first things we will do for you. In addition to fire and smoke damage, we check out water damage as well. Even though firefighters use water to put out the fire in your home, it can still cause a lot of extra damage.
After a fire has occurred, the building structure is often breached, which is one of the reasons we cover the damage with our 24/7 board up service. Safety is key when doing this which is why calling our trained professionals is your best option. Not only is it dangerous because of all of the debris that may have fallen during the fire, the newly exposed electrical engineering is also an issue. Contents that are remaining in your home may require a pack out service.
It is important for you to decide which items in the home you would like to restore and which you would like to part ways with. Though you may want to save everything, that’s not necessarily a safe option. We have extensive experience assisting with this challenging phase.

Corrosion control is also an important step when it comes to fire restoration. Once smoke and water damage has occurred, it’s necessary to treat all of the affected surfaces. Anything left untreated can potentially cause further damage in the future which can be a danger. We clean Formica, aluminum, porcelain, and chrome fixtures as quickly as possible within a 72 hour time period to ensure the best results.
In addition to corrosion control, removing the smoke odor is also a necessity. Smoke odor is strong and requires special products, systems, and equipment to get the full smell out. Our team is highly trained and has the experience to use these products to help get your old belongings smelling like new again. We use the right equipment ranging from ozone to hydroxyl units to assist us with this process. Removing smoke odor as soon as possible is important to ensure that the odor is not permanently embedded in the structure and your belongings.

Some of your personal items such as clothing, draperies, and curtains may need special cleaning. We can help you with that by:

  • Packing the items to be cleaned
  • Tracking inventory of your items
  • Arranging the specialized cleaning
  • Inventory control
  • Storing items safely during restoration
  • Returning items after the restoration is complete
  • Completing full reporting of all items

Contact ServiceMaster by Rice For Your Fire Repair Needs

Having to deal with a fire in your home can be unexpected and emotional. That’s why at ServiceMaster by Rice we are always ready at a moments notice to assist you and your family in your time of need. If you or someone you know is in need of fire assistance in the Des Moines, Atlantic, Spencer, Cedar Rapids, Milford, Fairmont, or Carroll areas, contact us today. We have a variety of locations and service areas all throughout the state of Iowa and southern Minnesota.