Have you ever let something sit in your fridge past its expiration date? We’ve all been there, and once you realize it it can sometimes be too late. One of the reasons you may not want to eat something that expires in your fridge is because mold grew on it. Mold loves cold, damp conditions just like the inside of your fridge. Mold doesn’t just grow on old food in your refrigerator, though. If conditions are right mold can grow just about anywhere whether it’s outside on a tree in the woods or inside the basement of your home.

When mold starts to grow in your home, it’s not as easy to get rid of as moldy food. You can’t just throw it in the trash, you need professionals to take care of it. At ServiceMaster by Rice, we understand that having mold in your home can be a risk to you, your family, and your pets which is why we offer mold removal services.

Health Effects Of Mold

Mold spores are a common part of household dust, and therefore can be found everywhere. Mold spores can be found in many places, but health problems with mold can arise when mold spores are present in large quantities. That presents a health hazard and can cause both allergic reactions and respiratory problems. Symptoms someone may experience after mold exposure are a chronic cough, itchy or watery eyes, headaches, difficulty breathing, rashes, and frequent sneezing. Someone who is allergic to mold may have the same symptoms, but with a more severe reaction. Mold can also be a big issue for people who are immunocompromised or have lung illnesses because they can get serious infections after exposure. Anyone with a lung illness should avoid areas that mold is most likely to grow, such as wooded areas, cut grass, and compost piles.

Types Of Mold

We know a lot about mold. For example, we know that molds are fungi that can live both inside and outside, they grow best in warm, damp, humid conditions, and they can survive harsh environmental conditions. One thing we don’t know about mold, however, is how many types exist. Scientists estimate there are tens of thousands of different species of mold in the world, and maybe more. Most types of mold are categorized as either allergenic molds, pathogenic molds, or toxigenic molds.

  • Allergenic Molds contain allergens and are generally non-life threatening. It is normally not very dangerous in small quantities, but should still be avoided if possible. People with weak immune systems and asthma can often have reactions from allergenic molds.
  • Pathogenic Molds can cause health problems for people who have weak immune systems and can sometimes affect generally healthy people as well. Pathogenic molds can be quite dangerous to try to remove from your home yourself.
  • Toxigenic Molds, also known as toxic molds, produce mycotoxins that can make anyone sick. Mycotoxins are chemical toxins present either within or on the surface of the mold spore and may be inhaled, touched, or ingested. Toxic molds are pretty rare, but can devastating to your health if you are exposed to them. Serious long term illness, immunosuppression, cancer, neurological disorders, and even death can be caused by toxic molds. If you believe you have toxic mold, call ServiceMaster by Rice immediately and don’t go anywhere near it. 

Signs You May Have Mold In Your Des Moines Area Home

  • You have damp spots, standing water, or leaky pipes in a dark area of your home
  • You notice a musty smell only in a certain area of your home
  • Unexplained health issues arise after being around a cold, damp area of your home such as headaches, respiratory problems, or rashes
  • You notice spots on your walls or floor that look like soot or dirt and you don’t know where they came from
  • You see mold

Mold Removal From ServiceMaster by Rice

We want to protect your home and your family from every single type of mold in your home, no matter how much or how little there may be. We are certified mold removal specialists, so you know that you are in the right hands when you call ServiceMaster by Rice. We have service locations for mold removal in Des Moines, Carroll, Atlantic, Spencer, Fairmont, Cedar Rapids, Sioux Center, Storm Lake, or Okoboji area home. Call us today for more information.