We understand that your home is very important to you. Your home is supposed to keep you, your family, and your belongings safe in any type of weather. Unfortunately, that cannot be guaranteed. Your home may be stuck in the path of a natural disaster such as a flood or tornado, it might get vandalised, or you may experience a fire. At ServiceMaster by Rice, we know that these situations aren’t ideal and can be very stressful. We can help relieve the stress when events like this occur by helping you with all of your home boarding up necessities. Boarding up your home is the best way to start the process of getting your home back to normal.

Boarding Up Your Home: A Necessity After An Iowa Disaster

It doesn’t matter if your home has been affected by a fire, flood, tornado, or any other sort of natural disaster. We can help you with the restoration and rebuilding process every single step of the way. After you call the proper authorities and you are ready to have your property completely secured, reach out to our emergency line at 1-800-727-8515. We’ll send our ServiceMaster by Rice team out to assess the damage. After we do that, we are ready to board up your home. We do this as quickly and efficiently as we can to help prevent further structural damage and break ins.

Importance Of Board Up Services From ServiceMaster by Rice

Board up services are very important for your home after it has been hit by a natural disaster or ruined by vandals. You may need your windows, doors, or other parts of your home boarded up to keep what’s inside of it safe. Even if you aren’t staying at your home right after disaster strikes, most of your belongings probably are. When your home has been professionally boarded up by ServiceMaster by Rice, you can rest easy knowing that the we have done the best job possible. Having everything in your home boarded up leaves it safe and secure. Not only will your things not be affected by rain, wind, heat, and cold, but it will also make it much less likely for a break in to occur.

At ServiceMaster by Rice, we know we are the best people to do your board up security. Our staff is highly trained and knows all of the correct methods to ensure that your board up process has been done both quickly and efficiently. Even though the concept of having your home boarded up may sound simple, there is a right and wrong way to to do it. ServiceMaster can give you the best board up security possible. We also have other services we can provide to keep you safe after we board up your home such as fire damage cleanup and providing you with temporary power.

Contact ServiceMaster By Rice For Your Iowa Board Up Security Needs

If you need our services, don’t hesitate to call. We can be reached 24/7 on our emergency line which is 1-800-727-8515. We have locations throughout Des Moines, Cedar Rapids, Storm Lake, Atlantic, Fairmont, and southern Minnesota areas, contact us today.