There are lots of things people put in their homes to make them feel a little homier and add aesthetic appeal. An easy way some people do this is by adding an area or oriental rug to one of their rooms such as their living room or bedroom. Area rugs are a great way to add some immediate color to any room in your home. Most people treat their area rugs like their other carpet and simply vacuum it when they see fit. That isn’t necessarily the best way to treat your area rugs, however. Vacuuming may not completely remove stains or smells that have gotten into your rug. Our professionals at ServiceMaster by Rice are trained to do what the vacuum can’t. We can give your area rug a full carpet cleaning, making it look and smell as good as new.

7 Steps For Area Rug Cleaning From ServiceMaster By Rice

Having your area rugs completely cleaned is a process. Lucky for you, we take care of all of the work involved. After you decide you are ready to have your area rug cleaned by ServiceMaster by Rice, you need to decide if you would like to drop it off to us or have us pick it up. You are more than welcome to bring it in yourself, but our friendly staff is also ready to help when necessary.

Below are the steps you can expect to happen when you want to get your area rugs cleaned.

  1. Reviewing your concerns. Unless it’s just general maintenance, there’s probably a specific reason you are choosing right now to bring your rug into ServiceMaster by Rice. We want to make sure we fully understand exactly what you are concerned about.
  2. Photo time! We do a thorough inspection of your rug. We take as many pictures as needed so when we are done you can see how much of an improvement we made.
  3. Information is put into our tracking system. Our tracking system is a great way for us to keep track of not only your contact information but the rug or rugs that you are bringing to us.
  4. The rug is moved to a secure room. Yes, we have secure cleaning rooms for all of the rugs we clean! This ensures that your rug won’t be bothered by any of the other equipment we have here at ServiceMaster. Remember, we do fire repair, mold removal, tile and grout cleaning, and so much more.
  5. Rug cleaning begins. Once we fully clean your area rug, we dry it with our state of the art drying system. This is all done in a climate controlled room, ensuring your rug dries the most efficiently it can.
  6. We inspect your rug. Inspection is an important step of our process. We want your rug to look better than it did when you bought it after we clean it. If it’s not cleaned all the way, we are going to notice before we hand it over to you. After the inspection we place your rug in a safe and secure storage area. 
  7. You are notified to pick up your area rug. We give you a call right when your rug is done, we want you to be able to have it back as soon as possible. It’s as simple as that!

Use ServiceMaster by Rice For Des Moines Area Rug Cleaning

When you notice your area rug needs cleaning, you can trust ServiceMaster by Rice to give it the best cleaning possible. We can even clean your area rug in one of our facilities while cleaning the other carpet inside of your home. With locations in Des Moines, Atlantic, Carroll, Milford, Storm Lake, Cedar Rapids, and Fairmont, MN, ServiceMaster by Rice is ready to help you. Contact us today if you are interested in learning more about our area rug cleaning services.