Last month we featured a blog post about our hoarding cleanup services. Hoarding cleanup is just one of the many trauma cleanup services we have to offer at ServiceMaster by Rice. We can also help out with biohazard, blood, and body fluid cleaning, vehicle and body fluid cleaning, crime scene cleanup, industrial accident cleaning, and unattended death cleanup. Though you are never prepared for these events, it’s helpful to know what to do and how ServiceMaster by Rice can help when they happen to occur.

Biohazard, Blood, and Body Fluid Cleanup

Whether an accident, violent crime, or suicide has occurred, ServiceMaster by Rice can help you clean it up. Our professionally trained staff isn’t bothered by what they see or what they smell, making them your best option for a clean up crew. Our team can restore your place back to its original condition and make it look like nothing ever happened there.

Vehicle and Body Fluid Cleanup From ServiceMaster by Rice

After you get in a car crash, one of the furthest things from your mind is probably what cleaning supplies you should use to clean out your vehicle afterwards. Leave that problem to us. Car accidents can be scary and completely unexpected. After making sure everyone is safe and getting the proper care they need, give ServiceMaster by Rice a call to get everything cleaned up for you. A car wash won’t be enough and getting your car detailed will not give it the proper kind of deep cleaning that we can provide. Let our professional cleaners make sure the interior of your car is ready to be ridden in again.

Crime Scene Cleanup in Des Moines, Atlantic, & Carroll

No matter what kind of crime scene occurs, ServiceMaster by Rice can help clean it up. Crime scenes can often be messy whether it be bodily fluids, body matter, or vandalism. Sometimes the police may even leave behind an extra mess from things like fingerprint dust or their shoes.

After a crime occurs, the last thing you want to think about is how long it is going to take for you to clean up the mess. Our crew can help clean up your home or business and return it to its original condition with our cleaning, serialization, and reconstruction processes.

Industrial Accident Cleanup in Milfrod, Storm Lake, and Cedar Rapids

ServiceMaster by Rice can help your business out after an industrial accident occurs. No matter how big or small of a task, we have the skills and experience to clean everything up. Industrial accidents can be very hard for the victim, their family, and their coworkers. There is often body fluids left behind that can be dangerous for others to come in contact with. We recommend letting us do all of the cleanup after an industrial accident. If you feel the need to do any immediate clean up please take proper safety precautions and use proper protection when cleaning.

Unattended Death Cleanup

Death is unpredictable and inevitable. After death, the body starts to decompose immediately which causes body fluids to be released and can start to contaminate things around it. A very dangerous situation can occur after an unattended death because the body releases chemicals which can be overwhelming to the senses. Pathogens, bacteria, and mold spores may very well be present. All of this can affect flooring, furniture, clothing, and more. Our trauma cleanup crew knows exactly how to disinfect the area that has been affected. They can also help rebuild any of the structures that may have been damaged before the cleanup started.

Trauma Cleanup From ServiceMaster by Rice

Don’t hesitate to call ServiceMaster after any of these situations occur. We are trained in a variety of types of cleanup and know exactly what to do in any type of situation. Contact us today if you’d like to learn more about our trauma cleanup services or to schedule an appointment.