The carpet in your home is a big investment, and it can see a lot of damage in a short period of time if not cared for properly. Cleaning your carpet on a regular basis can help maintain its quality and also extend carpet life. ServiceMaster by Rice offers professional carpet cleaning services for your home. Below are a few tips of home carpet maintenance you can perform to prevent carpet damage.

Eliminate Trapped Toxins

No matter how much traffic your carpet gets, pollutants, allergens, insects and anything else that you drag into the house with your feet, can get trapped in your carpeting. These toxins that are in your carpet can contaminate the air in your home and reduce the quality of your carpet.

To eliminate the amount of pollutants coming into your home and to maintain your carpet quality follow these tips:

Avoid wearing shoes indoors. Most toxins come from the bottom of your shoes. Ask friends and family to take their shoes off at all entrances to avoid pollutants on your carpet.

Purchase doormats for all entrances of your home. Guests can wipe their feet on the doormats when they enter your home if you are not comfortable asking them to take their shoes off. This will get rid of the majority of dust, pesticides, or dirt they may bring into your home and onto your carpets.

Vacuuming more often is an easy way to ensure the quality of your carpet. We recommend you vacuum heavy traffic areas once every few days, medium traffic areas twice a week, and low traffic areas once a week. Vacuuming can help remove any dirt being brought into your household and prevent dirt from going deep into your carpet’s fibers, which results in the fiber getting worn down.

Prevent Carpet Mold in Carroll, Des Moines and Storm Lake

Accidents happen, and your carpet will experience spills whether it be from a leak, flood, beverages or wet shoes. If you don’t properly dry the spill, it can cause mold in your carpet.

Ways you can prevent carpet mold at home include:

Keeping Room Humidity Low: Humidity rising over 60% can cause carpet mold. If your house is above 60% humidity, consider using a dehumidifier.

Keeping Room Temperatures Low: High temperatures can also contribute to mold growth in carpet.

Keeping Your Carpet Clean: Be sure to vacuum weekly and it is recommended to get your carpets cleaned at least once a year. ServiceMaster offers professional carpet cleaning services to make sure your carpet is cleaned and dried properly.

Carpeting Cleaning by ServiceMaster by Rice

We’re all familiar with spring cleaning, but why wait until spring? If your home is need of carpeting cleaning, please contact ServiceMaster by Rice. Our carpet cleaners are certified by IICRC and are experts in this field. This means more training, continuing education and cleaning processes that are approved by carpet and flooring manufacturers world wide. For the best Des Moines, Atlantic, Cedar Rapids, Fairmont, Carroll, Milford, and Okoboji carpet cleaners, contact ServiceMaster by Rice today.