Experiencing property loss due to a fire, flood or other disaster can be very stressful. It is important to hire a reconstruction team that will communicate with you every step of the way. Using professional demolition services and board up services to secure your home are helpful to getting started on your reconstruction process.

Use Des Moines Professional Demolition Services

If your home or business has extensive damage from a natural disaster, consider hiring professionals to demolish already damaged parts of your property. Demolition itself is a very dangerous activity, and most commonly, demolition of only a part of a building is required. Internal damage that occurred over time may not be visible. It is best to hire a professional that is licensed and certified to perform the demolition for you. ServiceMaster has a licensed demolition team to safely take down parts of your damaged property.

Secure Your Property with Board Up Services

Use ServiceMaster’s board up services to secure your property and help minimize any further damage to your property. ServiceMaster’s board service team works 24/7, in case of an emergency.They will put up a temporary fence, board your windows and doors, and stabilize your building, if necessary. No matter the damages, they will be ready to assist you with all emergency repairs, including damage from water, fire or natural causes.

Contact Your Insurance Company

If your property is damaged, contact your insurance company so you can begin to make a claim. ServiceMaster’s reconstruction contractor will contact your insurance company for you with an updated list of all building damage.

Locate Important Belongings or Documents

Many companies keep business contracts, invoices and other important documents on site. If able, locate these items and examine them for inspection and recovery. Insurance records are crucial information that should be recovered to file insurance and FEMA compensation claims.

If your home was affected by a natural disaster, find important belongings or documents that were being stored at your house. However, only enter your home if it is safe to enter.

Check if you Qualify for Tax Breaks

If your business or home is damaged or destroyed by a natural disaster, you may be able to recover the portion of the loss that your insurance company was unable to. FEMA keeps a list of major disaster declaration and emergency situations that are eligible for tax deductions. Call the IRS to see if you qualify for a tax break.

Finding the Right Contractor

Whether your damage comes a fire, flood or a natural cause, be sure to hire the right contractor. Hiring a licensed reconstruction contractor will speed up your payment process because they are in touch with your insurance company.

Get Help from ServiceMaster by Rice

ServiceMaster offers reconstruction services through Restore Magic Construction. RMC provides residential and commercial damage control and restoration repairs after a natural disaster, fire or water damage. RMC has a proven disaster restoration services of all types with excellent customer service. They are available to provide emergency response 24/7 and will also handle all of the interactions with your insurance company. Please contact us today for quality reconstruction services in Des Moines, Spencer, Carroll, Milford, Cedar Rapids, Fairmont, Atlantic, and Okoboji.