At ServiceMaster by Rice, we can clean up a lot of messes. We have experience helping with trauma cleanup, mold removal, flood damage, and more. Another cleanup service we specialize in is fire repair. While we can help after a fire occurs, it is still important to be aware of how a fire can start in your Des Moines, Atlantic, Cedar Rapids, Storm Lake, Spencer, Atlantic, Carroll, Milford, or Faimont, MN area home.

Fire Hazards to Watch Out For

We have compiled a list of 7 fire hazards in your home that you may not even be aware of.

  1. Burning candles. Simply burning a candle in your home is generally pretty safe. The danger occurs when you begin to burn a candle, forget about it, and leave that room entirely. Be cautious and always keep an eye on your candles when you are burning them. If one gets forgotten about, it could potentially start a fire.
  2. The lint in your dryer. If you aren’t cleaning the lint out of your dryer after every use, you are increasing your risk for a home fire. Lint happens to be extremely flammable, which is why it can catch on fire so easily. When it builds up in your dryer vent, air flow to the dryer is reduced and dryer exhaust gases get backed up, creating a fire hazard.
  3. Clutter in the kitchen. No, we don’t mean having too many pots and pans for your own good. Keeping your kitchen clutter minimal in terms of what you have sitting on your counters can help with fire prevention. Keep more flammable materials like dish towels and oven mitts away from your stove when you are using it. Many kitchen fires accidentally occur because someone cooking did not notice how close things were to the burners.
  4. Placement of your portable heater or space heater. It is important to pay attention to where you’re putting both your portable heater and space heaters. Try to keep them at least three feet away from anything that may burn including curtains and furniture. It’s also good to make sure you are turning off your heaters when you are leaving the room.
  5. Cigarettes. Some people allow smoking in their home while others do not. If you do allow smoking in your home, make sure that cigarettes are always being properly put out. Cigarettes are one of the main causes of home fires for obvious reasons. If a cigarette is not completely put out, it can start a fire.
  6. Hair straighteners and irons. Straightening your hair and ironing your clothes may be something you do pretty often. Have you ever thought about how dangerous it could be to leave those things on? It is extremely important to make sure you are always turning off your straightener and iron after use. If either of these things happens to be left unattended for a long period of time, it can easily get the area around it too hot and start a fire. If it helps you feel safer, you can unplug them when you are done using them.
  7. Cooking with grease. Grease fires occur when the oil or grease you are cooking with gets overheated and ignites. Before a grease fire happens, the oil will first boil then smoke. If you notice this happening, immediately turn the burner off. Don’t try moving the pot with your hands because it will be hot and you may accidentally splash yourself.

ServiceMaster by Rice: Fire Restoration Specialists

While it is helpful to be aware of things that may cause potential fires in your home, it’s equally important to be prepared when a fire happens.Make sure your home is equipped with smoke alarms. They warn you the instant they notice smoke to help keep you and your family protected. Keep a fire extinguisher in your home for small fires, particularly those that may happen in the kitchen. Also, make sure your family has an evacuation plan. It’s important for them to know where to go when danger strikes.

If a fire does happen to cause damage to your home, call ServiceMaster by Rice immediately. We are fire restoration specialists and can help clean up any mess the fire left behind. For more information on our process, check out one of our previous blog posts “Fire Repair & Cleanup from ServiceMaster by Rice” or contact us today.