With winter out of the way, we are likely to start seeing more rain again. Rain in Iowa is great for grass, trees, crops, and gardens. If we get enough it can potentially turn dangerous, however, and cause flooding. According to a press release from the National Science Foundation, researchers affiliated with the University of Iowa concluded that Midwest floods are more frequent than floods in other parts of the country. When a flood occurs, you need to know how to handle the water cleanup. That is where the team at ServiceMaster by Rice comes in.

When you need Water Extraction in Okoboji, Spencer, and Atlantic

You probably hope you never have to worry about calling ServiceMaster by Rice to assist with water extraction from your home, and that’s completely understandable. No one wants to experience severe water damage, but it is important to know what to do and have a plan of attack if this happens to you.

Water extraction is the process of removing all water from a certain area. If a major flood hits or a pipe happens to burst, you will need our water extraction services. Attempting to cleanup standing water yourself can be dangerous because the water may cause electrical problems or the water could be contaminated. Call us as soon as you realize you will be experiencing standing water and our team can start the water extraction process once it stops.

ServiceMaster Services to Accompany Water Extraction

Besides water extraction, ServiceMaster also offers other services that can help after disaster strikes. When you experience water damage, you may also experience mold. Mold loves cold, damp areas and can easily start growing if water damage is not thoroughly cleaned up. Mold contamination is a serious matter and can affect your entire families health. We are experienced mold removal professionals, so if we do happen to notice any mold while working on your water extraction process we can assist with that as well.

Not only is mold a potential issue, but if you experience a flood your carpets and furniture can get damaged as well. Our team of professional carpet cleaners can help treat your damaged carpets by giving them a thorough cleaning and drying process. We can also assist with furniture and upholstery cleaning as well. ServiceMaster by Rice uses advanced cleaning techniques as well as fabric and stain protection accompanied by a quick drying process so your furniture can look great again.

Have ServiceMaster by Rice Come to your Des Moines Home

When it comes to choosing a company to assist with water extraction in your home, the choice is clear. Contact the team at ServiceMaster by Rice to help with your Des Moines, Cedar Rapids, Carroll, Milford, Okoboji, Atlantic, Fort Dodge, Spencer , or Fairmont, Minnesota home. We have the skills and knowledge it takes to make the water extraction process as quick and thorough as possible. Our experienced team is eager to clean up the mess left behind and make you feel good about your home again.