In the summer, Iowa weather is very unexpected. Rain, thunderstorms and severe weather occur causing many weather related damages to homes and businesses. It is important to make sure your sump pump is in good working order so your basement stays dry when it rains. Often your sump pump cannot keep up with torrential rainfall, causing severe flooding. Flood waters can seep into your property causing severe, long term damages if not handled immediately. ServiceMaster by Rice is here to help!

Our team of trained professionals will extract the rain or flood water from your property before mold starts to form. Long term standing water that is not extracted immediately can affect the structural integrity of your home. It can ruin your carpet, walls, ducts, furniture and structural identity, costing you thousands of dollars to repair. Call ServiceMaster by Rice today, and let us take care of your water extraction needs.

Des Moines Water Damage Cleanup Services

After the water is extracted from your property, ServiceMaster by Rice will provide you with water damage cleanup services to help restore and reconstruct your property to make it safe for re-entry. Our services include: water damage assessment, extraction, odor removal, dehumidification, surface drying, air cleansing, decontamination, debris removal, disinfection, sewage cleanup, flood damage repair and damaged carpet removal.

If your property has severe water damage, mold can start to grow. Mold can sometimes be hard to detect. If your property has water damage, mold can grow inside the walls. ServiceMaster by Rice provides mold inspection and mold removal services. Our professionals will remove existing mold and treat the surfaces inside your home or business to prevent future mold growth. We cleanse the contaminated surfaces, leaving your property safe and clean for re-entry.

If your home has experienced water damage, but you aren’t sure if there is mold present – here are some ways you can check for mold existence:

  • Damp spots in your home
  • A musty odor in certain rooms
  • Health issues with family members – Headaches, allergic reactions, respiratory problems
  • Water stains on ceilings or walls
  • Peeling paint or wallpaper caused from moisture in the walls
  • Warped wood or drywall

If you experience any of these mold symptoms in your home, call ServiceMaster by Rice for mold removal services.

ServiceMaster’s Recovery and Restoration Plan

  • First, we thoroughly examine the property and use moisture detection to find the source of the problem. This helps to determine the extent of damage to your property.
  • Next, we assess the condition of your carpet. Salvageable vs. Non-Salvageable.
  • Any other types of flooring are evaluated and the damage is assessed. Water gets trapped in different types of flooring differently.
  • The walls, ceilings and cabinets are assessed. This damage is harder to detect and often requires the removal of drywall.
  • When the water is extracted, the structural drying process begins.

Guaranteed Quick Cleanup with ServiceMaster by Rice

Call ServiceMaster by Rice today if you have water damage or suspect mold from water damage in your home. Our professionals will respond quickly to your property to assess and document the property damage. We service homes in Des Moines, Carroll, Atlantic, Storm Lake, Spencer, Cedar Rapids, Fort Dodge, Okoboji, and Fairmont, Minnesota. Call today and let ServiceMaster by Rice take care of your home!