Your carpets require routine cleaning to stay fresh and so does your tile and grout. Professional tile and grout cleaning can improve the overall look of your tile flooring, extend the life of your flooring, and provide you and your family with a variety of health benefits. Over time, bacteria, dirt and debris build up on the surface of your tile. Dirt starts to accumulate deep in the grout between your tiles. Unhealthy irritants build up and create a dirty surface. Heavy trafficked areas start to discolor and mold and mildew quickly grows. 

Even if you have been keeping up on cleaning your tile and grout, it can be helpful to bring in a professional cleaner like ServiceMaster to ensure complete cleanliness. If it has been a few years since you last cleaned your grout, it is definitely time to call ServiceMaster by Rice for the best professional tile and grout cleaning services in Iowa and Minnesota.

Des Moines and Atlantic Tile and Grout Cleaning Health Benefits

The kitchen and bathrooms are the two rooms that accumulate the most moisture, causing bacteria to grow and mold and mildew to form between your tiles if not cleaned regularly. When the grout in your kitchen and bathrooms starts to become noticeably darker, this means that dirt has accumulated between the cracks, discoloring your grout. Mold and mildew hides in your grout containing many types of bacteria that are unsanitary and unhealthy for your home. It is especially important for families with small children to hire a professional tile and grout cleaner to clean away all the bacteria that is hiding between your tiles. ServiceMaster by Rice uses non-acid cleaners on your floors that are safe for children and pets.
Professional tile and grout cleaning will help to eliminate all the dust, stains, dirt, grease, odors, pet dander and everyday allergens from your home, which in turn creates a healthier living space for you family.

Time to Call the Restoration Experts at ServiceMaster by Rice

ServiceMaster by Rice has fully trained grout and tile cleaning crews that provide the best cleaning services for you. Our cleaning process restores your dirty grout to its original color without removing the original sealer and cleans all the germs, bacteria, mold, and mildew out in the process. ServiceMaster by Rice will prolong the life of your flooring, saving you money from having to replace your flooring.

Our 4 step tile and grout cleaning process:

  1. Scrubbing with non-acid cleaners and specially designed grout cleaning brushes
  2. High pressure hot water neutralizing rinse
  3. High power extraction that completely removes all soil and leaves your floor sparkling clean and fresh

The ServiceMaster by Rice team can also have your grout sealed to keep it cleaner longer

Take the first step towards a cleaner home and call ServiceMaster by Rice today. Besides tile and grout cleaning, we also provide carpet cleaning, mold removal, furniture and upholstery cleaning, area rug cleaning, and trauma cleanup. We service homes across Iowa including Atlantic, Carroll, Storm Lake, Spencer, Cedar Rapids, Fort Dodge, Okoboji, Des Moines and Fairmont, Minnesota. Call and request a free quote today!