Vandalism can happen to anyone and at unexpected times. ServiceMaster to the rescue – We help you identify, record damages, and clean up the vandalism wreckage. We have trained specialists that will secure your property and develop a plan to restore your home or property to its pre-damaged state through cleaning, serialization and reconstruction.

Identify Vandalism Damages

ServiceMaster acts as a first responder to an emergency scene. Our professionals will identify all damage at the scene and provide a detailed recording of any vandalism that has occurred. We will also take pictures of all damages to your property. We think it is important to thoroughly document what has happened to ensure a correct statement and claim can be made. Vandalism is a serious problem that should be handled immediately. Don’t wait to report vandalism damages that happen to your property. Call the professionals at ServiceMaster by Rice and let our team take care of your damages.

Vandalism Cleanup in Des Moines, Fort Dodge, and Fairmont, Minnesota

Our basic cleaning services include vacuuming, cleaning up debris, and washing residues from exteriors. We provide a shop vacuum to remove broken glass or particles from your carpet or upholstery. Our vacuuming services can be used to remove debris from carpet, walls, or exteriors. Eggs can damage the exterior of your home or car by eating away at the paint. The egg shell can cause scratches to the clear coat of your paint. The yolk of the egg is the worst part because it is acidic and can eat through the top clear coat of the paint and damage the base (color) coat. When your car or home is hit with eggs, we advise you call ServiceMaster by Rice immediately to clean up the mess! Aside from egg residues, ServiceMaster will also clean other residues from exteriors.

ServiceMaster by Rice will not use just any cleaning products to remove chemical stains from fabrics, upholstery or carpets. Stains from ink or paint are difficult to remove without our professional carpet or upholstery cleaning services and chemical cleaning products won’t fully get the job done. They can often discolor the carpet making the stain worse.

Contact ServiceMaster by Rice for Milford and Fort Dodge Vandalism Cleanup

Disasters such as vandalism are unexpected. Aside from vandalism cleanup, ServiceMaster by Rice specializes in complete disaster cleanup including water damage restoration, fire and smoke damage restoration, and natural disaster restoration. Our professionals have the experience to help you deal with any disaster that occurs. ServiceMaster by Rice services locations in Atlantic, Cedar Rapids, Carroll, Storm Lake, Spencer, Fort Dodge, Okoboji, Des Moines and Fairmont, Minnesota. Our professionals will travel to you if your location is not listed.