Protect your hardwood floors with ServiceMaster by Rice’s wood floor cleaning services. Your wood floors deserve to stay looking their best, for longer. We will keep your floors clean, protected and properly sealed for years. Ditch your mop and cleaning supplies and call ServiceMaster by Rice. Let us take care of your Des Moines, Ankeny, Carroll, Spencer, Atlantic, Storm Lake, milford, Fort Dodge or Fairmont, Minnesota home.

Negative Effects of Home Cleaning Products

Improper care of hardwood floors can cause damage to the finish or even to the floor, causing irreparable damage. It is important to clean your floors, but damaging your hardwood is easy to do. Water is the ultimate enemy of hardwood. Many cleaning products are water based and when they are sprayed onto the floors, it can cause your floors to warp or cause streaks in the urethane finish.

Many hardwood floor cleaners may make your floors look cleaner immediately, but in the long run, they are very damaging. Wax based, vinegar based, and polishes should never be used on your wood floors. Dirt becomes trapped underneath the wax and even though your floors might look clean and shiny, there is actually a layer of dirt and grime underneath all that wax that is damaging to your floors. Wax is also very sticky, attracting dirt and other particles. Vinegar will eat away at your floor’s top coat finish. The acid in vinegar will take away the natural looking shine of your floors.

Instead of spending money on cleaning products and home remedies that damage your floors and don’t work, call ServiceMaster by Rice for professional hardwood cleaning services.

Harmful Wood Floor Cleaning Methods to Avoid

Believe it or not, some people use steam cleaners on their hardwood floors. Steam cleaners were not designed for hardwood and can cause irreparable damage. Steam is a water formed vapor that will cause your wood floors to expand and warp. Avoid using any cleaning method with water. As stated earlier, water can be very harmful to your hardwood floors.
Floor buffers smooth out the wax on your floor, if there is any, but the pads are rough on your floor and can actually remove the top layer of urethane that protects your hardwood. The top coating is there to protect your floor from wear and tear, and when that is removed, your hardwood is directly exposed to outside elements such as dirt and water. ServiceMaster by Rice recommends not using floor buffers and steam cleaners in order to avoid damage to your hardwood floors.

ServiceMaster Wood Floor Cleaning

Cleaning your floors once or twice a year is recommended by ServiceMaster to lengthen their lifespan. Our professionals use a cleaning solution that is non-toxic and will leave your floors sparkling clean. After thoroughly cleaning, we will protect your floors with a top coat solution that seals your floors for a longer lasting clean. Unlike store bought cleaning solutions, our seal will not make your floors feel oily or waxy.

Call ServiceMaster by Rice for a hardwood floor cleaning quote for your Des Moines, Cedar Rapids,  Ankeny, Carroll, Spencer, Atlantic, Storm Lake, Fort Dodge or Fairmont, Minnesota home. Our professionals will clean, protect, and preserve your wood floors for years of long lasting shine! And don’t forget, we offer other great services for your home such as carpet cleaning, area rug cleaning, tile and grout cleaning, and furniture and upholstery cleaning.