ServiceMaster by Rice can rescue your Des Moines home or business from a power outage with temporary power relief. When the power goes out in the summer, your property risks water damage from sump pump failure. In the winter, your pipes can freeze if your power is out for too long. Protect your property and your belongings with ServiceMaster by Rice’s temporary power relief services. Don’t wait — Call our professionals today for power relief services for your Des Moines area, Ankeny, Carroll, Spencer, Atlantic, Storm Lake, Fort Dodge, or Fairmont, Minnesota property.

Benefits of ServiceMaster by Rice Temporary Power Relief:

Protect Your Home and Belongings — When your home is out of power, you risk long term water damages caused from bursting pipes and flooded basements. Water damage can cost you thousands of dollars in damage to your home and your belongings. Don’t worry, ServiceMaster can get your power running quickly with our timely and efficient power relief services.

Return Home Quicker — In the winter, power outages can be dangerous. Not only to your home, but to your family. Freezing temperatures quickly takeover, causing you to evacuate your home if power isn’t restored. With our temporary power relief, you and your family can return to the comfort of your home quickly.

Get Back in Business, Faster — If your business suffers from a power outage, it can shut you down for awhile. Without Internet access, normal business operations can’t happen. ServiceMaster by Rice can temporarily restore your power, allowing your employees to keep working so you can stay in business.

Hassle Free Solution — Don’t worry about hooking up that old back-up generator you’ve had stored away for years. ServiceMaster’s temporary power relief is a stress-free solution to your power outage. Leave the hard work to our experts!

Be Prepared for a Des Moines Power Outage

It is important to protect your home from the following threats that can cause power outages in your residential or commercial property:

  • Fires — Fire disasters are unexpected, and can cause your home severe amounts of damage. ServiceMaster can give you temporary power relief to help during the cleanup and restoration process after the fire.
  • Natural Disasters — Tornadoes can cause your power to go out. Iowa usually experiences high winds and tornadoes during the spring and summer months, often impacting power lines causing the power to go out in your residential and commercial neighborhoods.
  • Storms — Bad thunderstorms bring hail and flooding. Hail can cause power outages, resulting in flooding of your property.

ServiceMaster by Rice Temporary Power Relief Services

We offer temporary power via generators, as well as temporary heat and air conditioners for your Des Moines home or business. ServiceMaster by Rice also offers temporary indoor lighting and outlets, as well as indoor heating. You can safely deal with the rest of the damage aftermath without having to worry about restoring your power.  ServiceMaster by Rice partners with local utility companies to provide you the fastest relief service. For emergency power relief for your residential or commercial property in Des Moines, Cedar Rapids, Ankeny, Carroll, Spencer, Atlantic, Storm Lake, Fort Dodge, or Fairmont, Minnesota property, call our office immediately.