Last year, Iowa’s roadways experienced a total of almost 52,000 vehicle crashes. That’s a total of about 142 crashes per day. Major accidents can cause hassle for the driver, passengers, witnesses, and other drivers on the road. They often shut down roadways, delay traffic, and cause worry and panic for the family members of the victims. Call ServiceMaster by Rice for affordable trauma cleanup, industrial accident and injury cleanup, and vehicle cleanup. After a car accident occurs, the professionals at ServiceMaster can take care of any trauma services you need.

Biohazard and Body Cleanup in Iowa

Out of the 52,000 vehicle crashes last year, 321 of those resulted in a fatality. When trauma or accident related fatalities occur, someone has to clean up the blood and bodily fluid that is left behind at the accident scene. It’s not a fun job, but someone has to do it. The ServiceMaster crew will arrive at the accident scene and remove all biohazard from the scene. Attempting to clean the accident scene yourself could be extremely dangerous. The high risk for disease from body fluids can be transported from person to person if the proper precaution and cleaning equipment is not used.

It is important to remove the body before it starts to decompose so that the surroundings are not contaminated, requiring additional cleanup and sanitation. If the body is near a building, walkway, or park, we will make additional efforts to disinfect the surrounding structures to make it safe for the public. It is important to call a ServiceMaster by Rice professional for biohazard, blood, body fluid and body cleanup in Iowa and Southern Minnesota.

Des Moines Post-Accident Vehicle Cleanup

After an accident, when the crime scene and victims have all been taken care of, it is also important to think about your vehicle. Blood, smoke, and other debris often remains in your car’s interior. Removing blood from upholstery can be a tough job, and normal upholstery or fabric cleaners just won’t get the job done. Getting blood out of your car’s upholstery requires special cleaning and skills by the ServiceMaster by Rice vehicle cleanup team. We advise you to not attempt to clean your vehicle by yourself because you could run the risk of coming in contact with someone else’s bodily fluids.

ServiceMaster by Rice Trauma Cleanup

The ServiceMaster by Rice crews are trained to handle any trauma situation that happens in Iowa and Southern Minnesota. Although trauma, car accidents, and death are not ideal — they can happen at unexpected times. Your local ServiceMaster by Rice crew will be there quickly to help clean up the mess.

We service locations around Iowa and Southern Minnesota, including Atlantic, Carroll, Sioux Center, Spencer, Storm Lake, Okoboji, Cedar Rapids, and Fairmont, Minnesota. Don’t be scared when trauma strikes. Call your trusted ServiceMaster professional and let us take care of your post-accident vehicle cleanup, biohazard, and trauma cleanup. Contact us today to learn more or to request our services.