If you are a homeowner, it is important to consider all areas of your home during your Fall cleaning. Area rugs are often overlooked, because homeowners think that weekly vacuuming gets the job done. Although vacuuming is important to remove all the surface-level bacteria, dirt, dust, and allergens, it does not clean deep down to remove all the trapped pollutants that are living in your rug fibers. There are many important reasons why you should invest in area rug cleaning that can benefit the cleanliness of your home, health of your family, and overall appearance of your area rugs.

Rug Cleaning Leads to a Cleaner Home

Rugs are usually placed in high traffic areas of your home to prevent wear and tear of your carpet. Because of this, your area rugs collect air pollutants, pet dander, allergens, and everyday dirt and dust that is tracked into your home from your shoes.

If you fail to clean your rugs periodically, they run the risk of developing mold and mildew, especially in environments with high humidity. If you neglect to clean your area rugs, the trapped pollutants will be tracked throughout your entire home and infest your carpets, furniture, and bedding. The bacteria in your rugs can pollute your air and cause health problems for allergy sufferers in your home.

Routine Rug Cleaning is Healthy for your Family

Your area rugs can collect up to two pounds of dirt if you don’t properly clean them. Imagine constantly walking on that dirt every day and tracking it throughout other clean areas of your home. Before you know it, your entire house is contaminated with harmful bacteria that can have a hazardous health effect on everyone living in your home. The most common mistake that homeowners make is spending money on routine carpet cleaning and neglecting to get their rugs cleaned as well. When you don’t clean your rugs as well as your carpet, the dirt that is trapped within your rug fibers is immediately tracked throughout the rest of your home.

Improves the Overall Look of Your Rugs

Area rugs can be expensive. That’s why you should take care of them by scheduling annual professional cleaning with ServiceMaster by Rice. When the dirt is trapped in your area rug fibers for long periods of time, your rug can start to become discolored. Annual area rug cleaning can help to prevent the dirt from becoming trapped in your rug fibers and keep your area rugs cleaner for longer.

How Often Should You Get Your Rugs Cleaned?

To determine how often you should get your carpets cleaned, you should consider how much traffic your rugs get. Children and pets can increase the dirt levels of your rugs and carpet. Typical households can wait 6 months to 2 years depending on the amount of foot traffic in your home. Our professionals are well-trained to treat and restore your rugs for a healthier home and improved rug appearance. Contact ServiceMaster by Rice to find our nearest office location or for more information about area rug cleaning services in Spencer, Carroll, Atlantic, Fort Dodge, Okoboji, Des Moines, Cedar Rapids or Fairmont, Minnesota.