ServiceMaster by Rice has a recovery program called the Priority Response Program (PRP) that can help you in any type of disaster that hits your home, property, or community. You can rely on ServiceMaster by Rice to respond to your emergency quickly and assist you with damage repair. Here are the many benefits that the PRP program can have for your property in Atlantic, Carroll, Spencer, Storm Lake, Cedar Rapids and Fairmont, Minnesota.

We Provide Immediate Response

As a PRP member, you will have complimentary around the clock restoration services by our highly-trained crew members. Day or night, your business or property will be attended to within 2-4 hours of the emergency. If you are a PRP member you are the top priority in times of disaster.

We Offer 24/7 Support

PRP members have access to our support network 24 hours a day. For disaster recovery support and questions – we are there to help you in case of any emergency.

We Don’t Stop Until the Job is Done

Our crew members work around the clock to restore your property. We will work diligently to get your business restored and back to its pre-disaster condition. When your business is affected by a disaster, it can cost you lots of money. Stop waiting around for other restoration services. Call ServiceMaster by Rice today for speedy restoration services for your Iowa or Minnesota property.

We Provide Full-Service Restoration

ServiceMaster by Rice provides all the necessary restoration services your home or property will need to get back on its feet. We do not rely on other restoration companies for restoration equipment or services, because our crew is full-service, saving you time.

We Don’t Charge You To Be A Member

The Priority Response Program is free to sign up for. There is no obligation to use our services, but if you ever need them, you will be a top-priority. We will always provide services to our members before we service non-Priority Response members. Our service prices are very standard with the restoration industry. We offer centralized billing for your convenience.

Become a PRP Member Today

Go online and fill out our PRP form to enroll in the PRP program today. We provide disaster recovery including cleanup of water and flood damage, fire restoration, and trauma cleanup to Atlantic, Carroll, Spencer, Storm Lake, Cedar Rapids and Fairmont, Minnesota.