When you discover that fuzzy black, white, or green substance growing mysteriously around your home, it is important to know what it is and how to treat it. What is mold? What is mildew? Although they have almost identical qualities and similar looks, there is a way to distinguish one from the other. To eliminate various fungi in your home, contact ServiceMaster by Rice for professional mold removal services in Iowa and Minnesota.

Where Does Mold & Mildew Grow?

Both mold and mildew tend to grow in warm moist areas of your property. No matter the surface, there is a type of mold or mildew that will grow on it. From surfaces such as food and dishes to your bathroom floor and shower, it can easily grow if moisture and warmth is present.

Mold Characteristics

Mold tends to have a fuzzy black, green, orange, or brown color and often grows much more quickly than mildew, affecting larger areas of your house. Mold may become toxic, although the chances of having toxic mold in your home is very unlikely. Coming into contact with mold can cause allergic reactions, sneezing, coughing, itchy eyes, or a possible skin rash. If you are especially sensitive to mold, the presence of it in your home can cause serious health problems.

Mildew Characteristics

Mildew is a fungi produced by mold spores. Some mildews thrive on plants and crops, while other mildews reside on nonliving surfaces throughout your home. Mildew is usually gray or white in color. The three types of mildew are powdery, downy, and household mildew that all have different characteristics.

Powdery and downy mildew grows on plants. Powdery mildew gets it’s name from the powdery, flour dusted look the plants get when the fungi is covering them. This mildew starts as a whitish color and slowly turns yellow and then black. Downy mildew gets its name from the location where the mold grows, usually on the underside of the plant leaves. Downy mildew starts as yellow spots that will become brighter over time, eventually changing to a brownish color. The third type of mildew, referred to as “household” mildew, will form in your home. Mildew in your home is caused from the presence of mold spores, and is often black or white in color.

Mold & Mildew Prevention

The prevention methods of mold and mildew are very similar. To avoid mold or mildew forming in your home, it is important to keep all areas in your home moisture-free. Basements and bathrooms are usually the most common culprit of this fungi, so investing in a dehumidifier could save you the hassle of cleaning up mold or mildew later on.

Mildew, also referred to as surface mold, can be easily cleaned up with a store bought cleaner and scrub brush. This surface mildew is typically not harmful to your health, but it is important to take added precaution and wear gloves when cleaning. If you have a rather large infestation of mold in your house, caused from water damage or moisture build-up, you should call a professional for mold or mildew removal services.

Mold & Mildew Removal Specialists

It is important that you address your mold or mildew problem right away to prevent future growth. ServiceMaster by Rice specializes in the treatment and removal of mold or mildew in your home. Our professionals will treat the source of mold and take preventative measures to make sure mold or mildew doesn’t come back. Contact us today for mold or mildew removal and prevention services in Atlantic, Carroll, Spencer, Storm Lake, Okoboji, Cedar Rapids and Fairmont, Minnesota.