Iowa has experienced record-breaking rainfall for the month of December.  Rainfall totals in Des Moines topped the 4 inch mark in just 48 hours. With such heavy rainfall, the Raccoon River has overflowed its banks causing severe flooding in the Des Moines Metro area, impacting many low-lying streets and trails near the river.

During such heavy rainfall it is important to remember to frequently check your basement for water and to make sure your sump pump is working properly. If you happen to find water in your home, follow these recovery and restoration guidelines to prevent your home from undergoing extensive water damage.

Identify The Water Source

With every inch of rain, the chances of flooding increases. It is important to frequently check your home for water damage so you can identify the water source immediately and it can be stopped. Keep track of the weather and watch for rising water levels near your home. The Raccoon River winds through downtown Des Moines and when it floods its banks, many roadways and buildings are impacted by the high water levels. Businesses and homes nearby need to take precaution to ensure their homes aren’t damaged by the high-rising rainwater.

Evaluate Your Belongings

If you discover damage in your home, it is important to evaluate all of your belongings and decipher if it’s salvageable. If you identify the water source quick enough, you will be able to salvage your belongings before they are permanently damaged by water. Walls and carpets can easily be damaged during a flood and are usually the most expensive items to replace.

Begin the Restoration Process

It is important to begin the restoration process immediately after discovering water damage. The longer the water sits in your home, the more damage there will be. It can be dangerous removing the water from your home, so you should call a restoration company to begin the process immediately. At ServiceMaster by Rice, our restoration specialists will begin prompt drying of your property after deciding what items are salvageable. The quicker you call a restoration company, the more likely your property will be salvaged.

ServiceMaster by Rice Flood Damage Restoration

December has been a rainy month in Iowa and we want to help keep your home safe and dry this holiday season. Contact ServiceMaster by Rice if your Iowa home is damaged by flood waters.