Unplanned roof damage can be costly to fix. Be proactive in order to prevent severe damage from happening to your home during the winter. Midwest winters often bring added strain to your roof. Getting a roof inspection prior to the winter and monitoring your roof throughout the cold season can help detect minor problems and allow you to fix them before they become too severe and cause extended damage to your home.

Prep Your Roof for Winter

Before the first snowfall or icy cold temperatures hit, you should prepare your roof. Throughout the fall, your gutters will collect leaves, twigs, and other debris from nearby trees. It is important to remember to clean out your gutters so that your drains and downspouts don’t cause water to backup and result in water damage to your home. Also, look out for fallen sticks and debris that landed on your roof. Debris can hold moisture and result in wood rot or shingle damage.

Hire An Inspector When Moving

The age of your roof could impact its ability to last through the winter. When moving into a new, previously owned home, hire a trusted inspector to perform a pre-purchase inspection. Inspectors are able to detect any unseen damages to your roof. Your inspector will be able to tell you roughly how old the roof is, or how soon it might need replaced. Remember to always be proactive and take the necessary precautionary steps to prevent your room from being damaged in the winter.

Check Your Ceilings for Damage

Even if you take the necessary precautions, roof damage can still happen. The easiest way to detect damage on your roof is to see water spots on your ceiling. When your roof is snow covered, it can be hard to detect where exactly the water damage is coming from. Continually monitor your ceilings and interior walls for any sign of leaks or water.

Be Aware of Snow, Ice, and Hail

Roofs are built to withstand the most common winter elements. The issues arise when snow, ice, and branches damage certain areas of your roof. This can cause weak spots on your roof to form. Determining weak spots prior to a severe winter storm can help you make plans accordingly and fix them ahead of time.

Water Damage Repair by ServiceMaster by Rice

At ServiceMaster by Rice, we know the importance of preparing for the unexpected. No matter how precautionary you are in protecting your roof, damage can still happen. If your roof is damaged by water, call ServiceMaster by Rice for water damage repair and restoration for your residential property. We are proud to service homes in Des Moines, Spencer, Carroll, Storm Lake, Fort Dodge, Cedar Rapids, Atlantic, or Fairmont, Minnesota. Contact us today!