We’ve all heard the line – April showers bring May flowers. But, what else do April showers bring? Flooding. Between March and April, Iowa experiences large amounts of rainfall that can cause severe water damage to your residential or commercial property in Iowa. Here’s a list of flood prevention strategies to ensure your home is safe from water damage during this rainy time of year:

Clean your Gutters

Debris such as leaves and sticks often collects in your home’s gutters. After one rainfall, water will start to pool and find it’s way into your home through your roof or standing water that collects near your foundation. To avoid water pooling either in your gutters or near the foundation of your home, make sure your gutters are free of debris that can affect the water passageway and also make sure your downspouts are filtering water far enough away from the foundation of your home. If water isn’t correctly being funneled away from your home because of your clogged gutters, your woodwork will become saturated with water that could leak into your home.

Trim your Trees

Large trees that are located near your property can be one of the main reasons that your gutters become clogged, resulting in water damage to your property. Older trees might have large, low-hanging branches that could fall and damage your roof or gutters. Keeping your trees trimmed and free of dying branches will help prevent water from damaging your property this spring.

Repair your Roof

If you’ve been putting off repairing your roof, wait no longer. Your home won’t survive the season without a strong roof that is free of leaks. If you notice any sagging, missing shingles, or cracks then your roof might be susceptible to water damage. It is important to hiring a professional roofing contractor that can patch up your roof before water leaks into your home.

Check your Sump Pump

During heavy rainfall, rain water is susceptible to leak into your basement or below-ground rooms in your home. Your sump pump is important in order to drain the groundwater away from your property.

If your neighborhood is susceptible to power outages, investing in a generator can save your home from water damage during severe heavy-rainfall storms. Permanent standby generators are convenient because they automatically kick on when the power goes out. Your sump pump requires power to work, so when your power is out for extended amounts of time then it’s important to have a backup generator nearby.

Water and Flood Damage Repair by ServiceMaster by Rice

Even the most prepared homes can still be susceptible to water damage during rainy season. Taking preventative measures and being proactive about your home will help to save you money from having to restore your home after water damage has occurred. ServiceMaster by Rice specializes in flood and water damage repair in Des Moines, Spencer, Carroll, Storm Lake, Fort Dodge, Cedar Rapids, Atlantic, or Fairmont, Minnesota. Contact us today if your home has experienced water damage. We use high velocity air movers and dehumidifiers to quickly remove moisture from the water damaged area. Our crews are professionally trained to restore your home quickly and efficiently. Contact us today!