No matter how often you vacuum your carpets, the dirt and debris that settles deep down in your carpet fibers cannot always be removed by a standard vacuum. Although the DIY methods may seem more cost effective, are these methods really saving you money in the long run? According to, if you want to extend the life of your carpet you should get your carpets professionally cleaned at least once a year. Here’s a few pros and cons about the professional carpet cleaning method and the do it yourself method.

Professional Carpet Cleaning Pros

Maintain your carpet’s appearance

Having a professional come into your home and clean your carpets will help keep the overall high quality appearance of your carpets in tip top shape. The high traffic areas of your home such as entryways or hallways tend to build up dirt and debris quicker. If you have pets or young children, dirt can be tracked in on shoes much quicker. If this dirt is left trapped in your carpet for too long, it can work its way into your carpet’s fibers and become impossible to remove. Hiring a professional once a year can help to maintain the overall longevity of your carpet. The longer you neglect to clean your carpet, the shorter your carpet will last with normal wear and tear.

Pay for convenience

Although carpet cleaning is more expensive that at-home DIY carpet cleaning, you get what you pay for. With a professional carpet cleaning service, you are paying for the convenience of having a company come into your home, use their own equipment, transport the equipment to and from your home, provide water for cleaning, haul the contaminated water waste away, and transport the water to a safe location. With professional cleaning services, your home’s downtime is minimized, allowing you to return to your home with dry carpets sooner. Because the professionals are experts, they know how to treat your carpets with the correct amount of cleaning solution and water. The professionals will never damage your flooring.

More cost effective in the long run

With all the costs of accessories, chemicals, cleaning solutions, pet stain removers, drying equipment and more, the DIY cleaning method can become very expensive very quickly in order to protect your carpets the way you need. Professional carpet cleaning ensures that your carpet is cleaned to the highest of standards, offering protection from pets, stains, and odors. This method will help to protect your carpets in the long run and maintain their overall quality, look, and feel for many years to come.

DIY Carpet Cleaning Pros

Helpful for those small messes and spills

If you are a household prone to spills and frequent messes, the DIY carpet cleaning method might be best option for you. Although it is recommended to get your carpets professionally cleaned once every year, that doesn’t mean that you should limit yourself to once-a-year cleanings. DIY at-home cleaning units are beneficial for removing those surface level stains in your carpet that happen from day-to-day messes caused from pets, children and accidental spills.

Save money

Renting a carpet cleaning machine costs much less than hiring a professional carpet cleaner. If you purchase a machine, you will save money in the long run, but the overall quality of the cleaning is far less than the quality that a professional cleaner will provide.

Clean on your own time

When you rent or own a DIY carpet cleaning unit, you can clean on your own time at your own convenience. No having to schedule appointments into your busy schedule. No more taking time out of your schedule or leaving work early to work around the schedule of the company. Also, no more waiting in line behind hundreds of other homeowners. When you have the unit in your home or at rental convenience at your local department store, you can choose a day and time that works best for you that works with your schedule.

Professional Carpet Cleaning Cons

Hiring a professional carpet cleaner has very minimal cons, with one of the only being the overall cost of professional services. Professional carpet cleaning services is significantly more expensive than renting a carpet cleaning machine.

Do-It-Yourself Carpet Cleaning Cons

Professional carpet cleaning is expensive because the individuals performing the work are experts and know how to properly care for your carpet without damaging it. When you choose to clean your carpets on your own, you run the risk of potentially damaging your carpets. When you don’t understand the proper cleaning techniques, you also run the risk of over-wetting your carpets, using too much cleaning solution, or not properly drying your carpets.

The other downfall of choosing to DIY clean your carpets is that it can be hard work and often very time consuming if you are a first timer. Between moving furniture, operating the machine, and setting up drying equipment it can take up an exhausting portion of your day.

Pros & Cons for Each Choice

Whether you choose to hire a professional, or you choose to rent a carpet cleaner, there are pros and cons for both options. Make sure to do your research and hire a company that is reliable with long-standing credibility in your community. At ServiceMaster by Rice, all of our technicians are certified by IICRC, the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification. Contact our certified technicians today if you want to schedule an appointment. No matter which option you choose, remember to clean your carpets yearly in order to increase their overall longevity and maintain a healthy home.