We use plenty of power in our everyday lives. You’re turning on lights, running your heater and air conditioner, cooking with your oven, charging your phone, and so on. But what happens when you temporarily lose access to the power in your home or business? That’s where ServiceMaster by Rice comes in. We understand that most people rely on power to get them through their day, and that’s why we offer temporary power services. Our temporary power services are a great option if you happen to find yourself in the dark.

Temporary Power For Your Des Moines, Storm Lake, or Atlantic Home & Business

Having access to temporary power for both your business and home can be extremely beneficial when disaster strikes. You don’t want your family or your employees to have to deal with a lack of heat, air, or lighting. ServiceMaster by Rice can equip you with the temporary power you need to carry on with your day.

We can provide your home or business with temporary power after:

Fires – Fires can be devastating to your home or business, but you don’t have to let them stop you from having power. We’ll bring in our temporary power units so you can still work and live in the parts of your office or house that are still safe to be in. If you do experience a fire, our restoration team can assist with the cleanup making it a quick and painless process.

Natural Disasters – Whether your home or business gets hit by a tornado, flood, or bad storm, ServiceMaster by Rice can help you get through it by giving temporary power. Don’t let a natural disaster stop you from being able to fully function in your office or home.

Water Damage – Water damage can knock out the power in your business or home, especially if you are experiencing standing water. Let our staff at ServiceMaster by Rice help clean up your water and flood damage after disaster strikes. If your space is safe enough to live or work in, we can bring in temporary power while you’re waiting for your regular power to come back.

Temporary Power in Okoboji, Carroll, and Spencer

There are plenty of benefits of allowing ServiceMaster by Rice to set up temporary power in your local home or business. When you use our temporary power services, you don’t have to worry about pausing your life after a disaster leaving you powerless hits. It allows you to keep working or living in your space. It can also be a better financial option than other alternatives. No need to rent a hotel room or lease another office space for a day when you can stay in your current home or business and use temporary power.

ServiceMaster by Rice: Your Disaster Relief Experts

Let ServiceMaster provide you with temporary power when you are experiencing a power loss. We can also help out with a wide variety of other services that may be involved with power loss such as fire repair, water and flood damage, carpet cleaning, and trauma cleanup. Contact ServiceMaster by Rice today to learn more about any of our services across Iowa and southern Minnesota.