Flood Damage – How ServiceMaster Cleans Up After Disaster Strikes

Iowa is known to have a few floods every once in a while. We are basically a flood plain, after all. So when floods happen and your home or business is seriously damaged by water, ServiceMaster by Rice has the experience to remedy the effects and help prevent further damage to the structural integrity of your building. And although our customers in the Storm Lake, Milford, and Spencer communities know that we produce great results, they oftentimes would like to know what steps we take to mitigate the damage caused by water.

While we tailor our emergency flood mitigation services to each individual need, we do follow some flexible steps that can be made to fit any situation that may arise.

Step One – Emergency Response from Service Master by Rice

We recognize that the initial call in a water damage situation is the beginning of a very time-sensitive process. Immediate action is crucial to containing and minimizing further damage, and Service Master by Rice will ask specific questions during the preliminary phone call in order to arrive with a plan.

Once we arrive we will quickly remove property that has already been damaged, as well as property that is at risk for damage, in order to avoid further harm. We will photograph, catalog, pack and store all of the removed items in a secure storage space until they can be safely placed back in the residence.

Step Two – Assessing the Damage

Upon arrival we will quickly take a visual survey of the area, checking to make sure the power is shut off as necessary and also where the best locations for rapid water extraction are. If the cause or source of the flooding is unknown we will identify it and determine the extent and type of water.

After emergency flooding matters have been addressed and we have begun the water extraction process, the professionals at Service Master will conduct a more thorough inspection. This inspection is a more detailed procedure that is meant to determine issues that may not have been identified in the emergency inspection. At this point, we will also take into account any potential mold problems that may need remediation.

Step Three – Flood Damage Remediation & Water Extraction

The experienced professionals at ServiceMaster by Rice follow best practices to minimize damage as much as possible. Through the use of rapid water extraction equipment, we have the ability to remove immense amounts of water from any areas affected by flooding.

After removing standing water, we next move to cleaning up debris and any ruined property. For property that can be salvaged and restored, we will consult with the owner of the goods to determine if they would like us to proceed with restoration.

Step Four – Dehumidification & Water Drying

During the cleanup process Service Master will begin drying and dehumidifying the affected areas in order to avoid the need for mold remediation later on. Because it is so important to dry the space as quickly as possible to avoid mold taking root, we use many different tools for moisture eradication and water removal.

We will craft conduits as necessary in walls, ceilings, floors and anywhere else where our dryers need to be positioned in order to remove all moisture. We may also need to lift carpeting if it has been touched by water. These actions are imperative because they will greatly reduce the possibility of mold growing and reproducing in the affected areas.

Occasionally there will be so much water that needs removal and so much space that needs to be dried that it will be necessary to leave equipment at the work site for a prolonged amount of time. If this is the case, we will monitor progress with equipment specific to the task until we achieve the right level of dryness.

Step Five – Final Cleanup & Sanitation

In the final steps of water damage remediation, ServiceMaster will begin work to restore the affected space to the condition it was in prior to flooding. We will check the structure to make sure it is still sound, and if it is we will remove all of our equipment, take away any remaining debris, and sand down all visible water damaged structural features. If the structure is no longer sound, we will work with the homeowner to come up with a solution.

Working quickly and effectively is imperative when it comes to mitigating flood-damaged property. With ServiceMaster by Rice we strive to provide our customers with the swiftest service possible, and we work hard to restore your property to the condition it was in before the flooding. The steps we take to manage any disaster are time tested by our experienced technicians. At ServiceMaster by Rice we can take the lead in rapidly extracting water and returning your home to the shape it should be in.