Have you found yourself consistently being more sick recently and are unsure why? If you’re having a hard time pinning down why your symptoms of coughing, uncontrollably itchy eyes, or even irritated skin are occurring, then you may have mold in your house. Now that the summer humidity has settled in Iowa, it’s time for us at ServiceMaster by Rice to help you stay healthy and ahead of a moldy home.

Detecting Mold in Your Des Moines Home

How do you determine if this mold is threatening to your health? Less hazardous molds will usually appear to be different colors and have a pungent odor. If you want to inspect the mold in your home before calling us, use ServiceMaster by Rice’s mold detection guide to help determine the severity of the mold infestation. However, don’t wait too long to call us, because the longer you wait to remedy the mold situation, the worse it can get.

If you detect a substance that resembles mold in your Des Moines home or property, call your local ServiceMaster by Rice for immediate mold removal services. Different types of mold species pose different health risks for you and your family, so it is important to get the mold removed before you get sick. If you detect black mold in your home, it is advised to leave your home immediately.

Health Concerns Caused by Mold

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the link between house mold and development of common respiratory tract symptoms was confirmed by the Institute of Medicine in 2004. They even found that it can be associated with the development of asthma with children that are otherwise healthy. Now, not everyone has an allergic reaction to mold, and the severity of a reaction can range far and wide. Mold releases allergens into the air, which causes problems for individuals who are sensitive to it. However, mold can be detrimental to the health of newborns and infants. The mycotoxins that certain strains of mold release have been shown to link to long term effects on a developing child’s nervous system and memory.

Keeping Your Home Mold-Free

What causes mold to grow in a house? The root of it comes from having areas in your house that are constantly damp or wet. These locations are most likely to occur in the basement, storage room, attic, air conditioning vents, and even the garage. These consistently dark spots are perfect breeding grounds for mold spores to latch onto and rapidly grow. Good practices to help you contain mold growth are as follows:

  • Controlling humidity levels with a dehumidifier
  • Ventilating areas where mold can potentially grow
  • Fixing leaks within your home for rain and other sources of water to enter
  • Disposing of sitting water after any size flood in your home
  • If your home gets flooded, or even if your water heater breaks and your basement floods, call ServiceMaster by Rice to restore the basement after the flood damage

Certified Mold Removal Specialists in Des Moines, Fort Dodge, and Okoboji

Unfortunately, when mold finds a place to grow in a home, it tends to grow rapidly. ServiceMaster by Rice has IICRC certified technicians with years of experience to help you with your mold removal and cleanup needs. We service homes Des Moines, Cedar Rapids, Carroll, Atlantic, Spencer, Storm Lake, Milford, and Fairmont, MN. Call ServiceMaster by Rice today to get one of our certified mold removal specialists if you’re experiencing mold issues!