Disasters are, unfortunately, inevitable. Whether they are caused by human error or mother nature, they are bound to happen when people least expect them to occur. ServiceMaster by Rice is your premier disaster relief business for all of your commercial or residential needs in the Des Moines area. We often receive questions about what sort of work we do, so we wanted to take some time to answer some of them.

What disaster relief services do you offer?

Our Des Moines disaster cleaning services include restoration after natural disasters such as tornadoes, floods, fires, severe thunderstorms. We also offer disaster cleanup and restoration services to residential and commercial properties in the event of an accident. Our experienced disaster cleanup crews are reachable with a 24/7 toll-free number, and with many satellite locations across the state of Iowa and Southern Minnesota, we can typically be on scene within a few hours.

What are some Des Moines cleanups you’ve done?

Many Des Moines locals recall the tragic Younkers building fire 3 years ago that crippled the downtown district for a short period of time. ServiceMaster by Rice was heavily involved with the fire damage cleanup and restoration of that project. On top of that, we have done a variety of large scale cleanups for universities, large businesses, small businesses, and residential buildings throughout the entire metro area. We are proud to say we have successfully accomplished over 2,000 Des Moines disaster restoration services since August of 2016.

What are some other services you offer?

Apart from being known for our carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning, we do a variety of other services. We do mold removal, smoke damage repair, trauma cleanup, building board-ups, business climate control, temporary power services, and tile & grout cleaning. We do both emergency services and appointment based services.

What is the Priority Response Program?

When signing up with ServiceMaster’s Priority Response Program (PRP), your disaster, whether large or small, becomes our team’s main concern. Our PRP is free to sign up for, and there is no requirement by us for you to use it. We simply are looking to provide a quality disaster relief service to all of our customers who choose to sign up. If you want to protect your business from any unforeseen flood, fire, smoke or tornado damage,, sign up for ServiceMaster by Rice’s PRP before disaster strikes.

ServiceMaster by Rice Disaster Des Moines Disaster Recovery

In the event your home or business is struck by a natural disaster, ServiceMaster by Rice is here for you. Our team of certified technicians will help cleanup and restore any damage done by natural or human-made disasters. Whether you need emergency cleanup services or a carpet cleaning service, contact us today!