The ServiceMaster by Rice team out of Des Moines, Iowa was asked to join the disaster recovery team in Houston, Texas after the devastating hurricane in August of 2017. Once the Governor of Texas gave the green light for disaster recovery crews to enter the city of Houston, ServiceMaster by Rice was on scene and ready to work.

An iconic yellow ServiceMaster truck waits outside of a flood cleanup site in Houston, Texas.

Hurricane Harvey was one of the most destructive natural weather events in recorded history of the United States. In a four-day period, many areas received over 40 inches of rain, with peak accumulations of over 51 inches. This makes Hurricane Harvey the wettest tropical hurricane on record in the United States.

All of this rapid and seemingly endless rainfall resulted in serious damage and destruction throughout Texas. More than 300,000 people were left without electricity, while nearly 13,000 people were rescued and over 30,000 were displaced. Sadly, there were at least 81 fatalities as well.

ServiceMaster Corporate’s CEO, Mary Kay Wegner appeared on CNBC to offer full support to the victims of Hurricane Harvey and the ServiceMaster by Rice team in Iowa took the call to be some of the first on-scene to help out.

On August 29th, the ServiceMaster by Rice team arrived in Texas and setup to support. No matter how long the citizens of Texas need our help, we’ll remain in Houston and the surrounding communities to help them recover from this terrible disaster.