Winter is here and we are sure you have spent plenty of time cleaning and preparing your home to make it perfect for when friends and family visit for the holidays. However, how much time have you spent on your carpets? Having clean, stain free carpets for when your visitors come allows you to confidently show off your space and gives your visitors a good impression of your home. Many people have been led to believe that cleaning your carpet during the winter is not a good idea due to the large amounts of wet slush and dirt from outside getting dragged into your home and therefore wait until it’s a little warmer out. Here at Servicemaster by Rice, we would like to inform you why we think it is a great time to hire a carpet cleaner this winter.

Carpets Dry Faster In the Winter

The air outside may be cold, but it is also very dry which is ideal if you’re wanting to get your carpet cleaned. The low level of humidity in the air, along with the high heat temperature in your home, helps the moisture in your carpet evaporate quickly, allowing your carpet to dry faster than it would in the spring or summer.

Removes Soil and Allergens From Your Home

Due to the chilly weather, people spend a lot more time in their homes than any other season. Allergens, dirt, frozen debris, and other toxins from these previous seasons are trapped in your home and embedded in your carpet. Over time, it becomes difficult for your carpet to filter out these allergens and the air quality in your home will not be as good as it should be. A carpet clean during the winter helps remove these pollutants from your home and makes breathing easier for you and your family while you are inside.

Road Salts and Other Things Can Damage Your Carpet

Road salts and other types of snow removal products have a high alkaline content. Not only can these products leave ugly stains, but the more this substance gets into your carpet without being cleaned, the more susceptible your carpet’s fibers are to abrasions and other damages. Getting your carpet professionally cleaned is a cost-effective option that increases the life of your carpet and helps you avoid having to get your carpet replaced due to irreparable damage.

ServiceMaster By Rice Services

The winter season is a lighter time for us, which means we have more availability to provide you with carpet cleaning services whenever it is best convenient for you. Don’t make yourself wait until spring to have a clean and refreshed home. Whether you are in need of carpet cleaning, mold removal, or a professional furniture and upholstery cleaning, contact Servicemaster by Rice, your carpet cleaning Des Moines company, and we would be more than happy to send our certified technicians to your home to provide you with the best service.