Experiencing mold in your home or commercial office can be an enormous problem. Apart from the horrendous odor and disgusting look that comes with mold, it’s also a serious health issue. This is especially true if you are a parent or guardian with young children living in the home.

It’s common for employees at a workplace or residents of a home to go about trying to remove mold with their own DIY formulas that they most likely found on Google, and the allure is there to save money on your mold problems. However, getting rid of a single mold spot might be a small patch on a much larger problem. Here are just a few reasons why you should call an expert company for mold removal in Des Moines rather than doing it yourself.

Mold Assessment

Before beginning to clean spots of mold, it’s best to get an understanding of how mold started growing there in the first place. ServiceMaster By Rice’s IICRC certified technicians have the experience needed to treat the underlying issue of a mold problem. Mold may not always be obvious on the surface. That is why having our experts assess the root cause of your mold problem can prevent you from constantly having to remediate mold throughout the year.

Mold Cleanup & Removal

Structure Mold Removal

The process of removing mold is a delicate task. Simply scrapping off mold from where it lies is not going to resolve the growth problem. For example, let’s compare removing mold from a building to removing mold from your food. When you have moldy food you don’t just simply remove the pieces that are moldy and call it good. Once foods like strawberries or bread have become moldy, it is only going to get worse from that point on. That is why we throw away the entire loaf of bread or bag of oranges when they go bad.

The same logic is applies to removing mold from a commercial or residential building. However, it would be pointless to take out an entire structure because of a mold problem that only exists in one part of it. That’s why we use proven removal and drying techniques that damage as little structure as possible while disposing of the problem at hand.

Problems With Bleach Removal

Cleaning up mold with a bleach-based homemade formula with a dust mask is not a good way to go about cleaning up mold. Not only are bleach and mold both toxic for your lungs, but bleach is 90% water and will actually encourage the growth of mold on many surfaces. Our technicians use full protective gear, blowers, and the highest quality green-based chemicals to ensure that mold is removed in a healthy and proper manner.

Mold Prevention

The only way to make sure that mold doesn’t return is to properly seal it off. As part of our process, we make sure that the spawn points of all the mold spores that we have discovered are entirely wiped out and removed from deep within the surfaces they were attached to. Many mold issues arise from broken pipes that have allowed water to soak into warm wood surface, the perfect conditions for mold to return. We will assess pipe issues and any other accelerants that could cause a surface to host mold in your home to prevent mold from returning.

ServiceMaster By Rice Services

If you or somebody you know needs mold removal and remediation services, contact ServiceMaster By Rice today! We do plenty more than just mold removal services as well. We can offer both residential and commercial carpet cleaning, fire repair, water and flood cleanup, and trauma cleanup . We are open 24/7 for your emergency needs as well.