Unfortunately, the warm weather we experienced this past weekend has come and gone. We’ll most likely be experiencing cold weather for another 3-5 weeks before we see spring start to stick around. During this cold and wet season, it’s important to keep your house warm. Whether you live in the city, suburbs or out in the country, nobody is safe from the potential of a power outage from a storm. The majority of people wait around and expect the power to turn on within the next hour or so. However, this habit that many of us partake in is problematic and can become dangerous. Here are some tips for what to do when the power goes out in the cold weather.

Gather Your Resources

With each passing hour of no power to your home, your house is going to progressively cool down to the temperature of the outdoors. It is important to immediately gather up supplies such as blankets, coats, and anything else that can keep you warm. It’s also wise to grab any flashlights or other sources of light to see when it is dark out.

Avoid Leaving Your Home

If a storm was powerful enough to knock out power to your home, that means it was most likely able to devastate the roads. Unless there is a good reason to leave, sit tight and keep an eye on the weather. If possible, tune in to any weather alert stations via radio or your mobile device to stay updated.

Invest in a Generator

Ultimately, the best way to combat the situation of lost power is with a generator. There are multiple tiers of generators for purchase depending on the amount of output power you require. No matter what size, it is always a wise idea to have some sort of backup power available to power things such as a space heater. It’s important to note that using a gas oven as a source of heat during this time is a dangerous idea. The buildup of of carbon monoxide gas will surely be harmful to your family’s health and can ultimately be fatal.

Services From ServiceMaster By Rice

We genuinely hope that we can avoid a winter storm before the end of this long, dreary winter season. We have experienced extreme lows of temperatures and decently large amounts of snow this year. Thankfully, it’s all coming to an end soon. However, if a power outage happens at your residence or commercial building, ServiceMaster By Rice can provide temporary power services. Since generators are not a cheap investment and you’ll hardly (if ever) have to use it, we are able to provide homes and businesses with the power they need to stay moving. Our certified technicians are also trained in fire damage repair, water removal services, building reconstruction, and much more. If you need service, contact us today!