Now that March is here it is time for warm weather! Well, sort of. Anybody who has lived in Iowa for a spring knows that we average temperatures between the high 20s through the low 60s. However, we live in a volatile climate zone with unpredictable weather patterns. One thing that is guaranteed almost every spring is rain, and lots of it. The increase in moisture and rise in warm weather can lead to a mold outbreak in your home. To help avoid this from becoming a problem, ServiceMaster By Rice would like to offer some helpful tips.

Clean Out the Gutters

Clogged gutters are a perfect place for rainwater to get trapped and leak into your house. Gutters should have free flow access so that no water can even have a chance of overflowing onto your siding and the inside of your home.

Fix Leaky Pipes

There is a chance that the brutal cold from this winter was able to freeze your pipes and cause a crack somewhere in your house. If you have noticed your water pressure decreasing, call a technician and we can come patch up pipes throughout your entire home.

Search Your House

The best way to find out if you have mold is to check the places where it could potentially be growing. Think of dark places that rarely natural light in your home; closets, bathrooms, basement, attic, etc. It’s even wiser to do an entire search of your house. Think of the obscure nooks and crannies that go unnoticed throughout your home, apartment, or office. These places are perfect hosts to a mold outbreak.

Control the Humidity

Although you cannot control the humidity levels outside, you do have the power to do so inside. The standard recommendation for humidity levels is to keep it somewhere below 60%, ideally in the 30-50% range. Molds of all kinds thrive on humidity levels of 70% and above. We suggest investing in a dehumidifier if we are having a warm and wet spring this year.

Mold Removal Specialists

If you find a mold outbreak in your home, do not attempt to clean it up yourself. Mold is made up of millions of tiny spores that can easily spread to other parts throughout your home without proper removal. On top of that, bleach DIY techniques are usually only effective for small periods of time and will not eliminate a long term problem. Call ServiceMaster By Rice and we will send out a team of certified technicians for mold removal and remediation. We have locations in Des Moines, Cedar Rapids, Fort Dodge, Iowa City, Atlantic, Spencer, Okoboji, Storm Lake, Carroll, and even Austin and Fairmont, Minnesota.