A fire in your home or commercial building can be disastrous to the structure and property. While the aftermath of this event can be overwhelming to think about, it is important to know what signs to look for after fire and smoke damage so that a ServiceMaster technician can remediate your house in a timely manner. The long you wait, the more expensive it can get and the more danger you put your health in.

Smoke Damage Timeline

Minutes After

Immediately after a fire takes place in your home, acidic soot starts to discolor affected surfaces. Fabric materials will absorb the residue and begin to stain.

Hours After

At this point, walls in your home can begin to turn yellow, your clothing can permanently stain, and metal begins to rust and deteriorate.

Weeks After

If the smoke damage has still been neglected, any surfaces that were exposed to soot will be permanently damaged and the structure of your home will continue to weaken. This can ultimately lead to a large reconstruction project of your entire house.

Common Issues from Fire and Smoke Damage

It is important to keep note of exactly when and where the smoke damage/fire occurred. While some instances of smoke damage are clearly visible, others take days or weeks to show up and these issues can not only be harmful to surfaces in your home, but also to your health. People who live with asthma will be heavily affected by the effects of smoke damage lingering in their home.

Staining and Discoloration

One of the most prevalent and detectable signs of smoke damage occurs when there is visible staining or yellowing on walls and ceilings. After a couple of hours, wood and plastic surfaces and appliances can become discolored or start to warp. This residue from the fire can also tarnish metals, granite, and marble.

Evident Odor

Any surface in your home that contains fabric is susceptible to smoke contamination, even if it doesn’t show signs of smoke damage. Smoke is made up of several components that contribute to the smell that lingers in your home. Deodorizing your establishment of any of this smoke residue helps to eventually eliminate the odor.

Wiring Damage

If the fire occurred somewhere with electrical equipment or wires, it is safe to assume the electrical system is no longer functional. Any experience with malfunctions or short circuits, or visible corrosion of wires, outlets, switches, or cords can be signs of electrical damage.

Fire Repair and Cleanup by Servicemaster by Rice

Whatever amount of smoke damage your home experiences, contacting a professional fire and smoke cleanup specialist as quickly as possible will help ensure your safety and make sure your house gets properly cleaned and restored. Servicemaster by Rice offers customers a repair plan where a technician will asses the damage, respond to any emergencies, deodorize the establishment, and assure that surfaces in your home are treated for any corrosion to avoid any further damage. For any questions on how ServiceMaster by Rice can help you with your smoke damage repair, contact us today.