If you have ever dealt with sewage backup, you understand the serious implications that it can have. Every residential and commercial building has a sewage line that transports wastewater away from the building through underground piping. Although not common, every now and then pipes can backup, causing flooding of basements, bathrooms, and kitchens. Sewage backup is not only gross; it has serious health implications if it is not taken care of in a quick and proper manner.

We at ServiceMaster by Rice would like to provide helpful insight into what to do when your home or business experiences sewage backup damage.

The Dangers of Sewage Backup

The reason why sewage backup needs to be remediated quickly is that it poses a serious health risk. Sewage water is composed of human waste, organic and inorganic material, and can even have garbage floating around in it. The fumes of this concoction carry disease-causing pathogens that spread quickly as the organic matter decomposes. If you come home to a house full of sewage backup, follow the next steps in a timely manner so that you breathe in as few fumes as possible.

Cut The Electricity

Apart from the water itself being a health hazard, the excessive buildup of standing water can serve as a conductor for electricity. If there is built up sewage water in your basement or by places with outlets with electronics plugged in, turn off the power to the places affected by the flooding. If your breaker box is only accessible by walking through the flooded area, do not attempt to turn it off.

Turn Off Water Line

Once you have the power turned off, turn off the water line to stop the flow of water from continuing to build up. Without turning off the main water line, sewage water will continue to build up. If you do not know how to turn off the main water line, click here to learn more.


Once you have the water turned off, open all windows and doors possible to avoid having film build-up to create a toxic environment. As stated before, the more that sewage fumes build up, the greater the risk you have for your family or coworkers and personal health.

Call Trusted Sewage Cleanup Professionals

Doing DIY methods for cleanup will not remediate the underlying issues caused by a sewage backup. As standing sewage water sits in a building, it seeps through cracks and will cause mold damage down the line if it is not removed in a professional manner. ServiceMaster By Rice has been serving the state of Iowa since 1954 and has locations in Des Moines, Cedar Rapids, Iowa City, Fort Dodge, Carroll, Spencer, Storm Lake, Milford, Atlantic, and even locations in Minnesota.

Our certified technicians will mediate your water damage repair needs with efficiency and integrity. We have technicians on call 24/7 to help with anything, no matter how bad the situation may be. If you need immediate service, contact ServiceMaster By Rice today!