An electrical fire can be dangerous to your family, employees, and your home or business and the repair and restoration process of bringing your establishment back to its original state can be a time-consuming and overwhelming procedure. Here are some ways you can take proactive measures to avoid the possibility of electrical fires ruining your home or work.

Check For Proper Electricity Flow on Appliances

If appliances are giving you any type of electrical shock, or tripping a circuit breaker, this could be a sign of wiring or connector damage. Using surge protectors on these electronics can help avoid the possibility of your appliance breaking down or causing a fire.

Avoid Overloading Electrical Outlets

Using one outlet or extension cord to plug in a large number of appliances commonly leads to electrical fires. To keep this from happening, avoid plugging in multiple large appliances to the same outlet, or use a power strip with the functionality to shut off once it becomes overloaded.

Look Out For Faulty Wiring or Plug/Cord Damage

Be wary of breakers constantly tripping, plugs that react when you plug something in, or flickering lights, as these are all signs of faulty wiring. If you feel any areas around the wall or outlet of an area that are warm, this is also the sign of an overload or plug/cord damage. Avoid trying to replace these cords by yourself, and instead, contact a certified electrician to come and resolve your situation as soon as possible.

Keep Electric Appliances Away from Flammable Materials

Any appliance that conducts heat such as an iron, hair curler/straightener, space heater, or lamp, needs to stay away from materials that could catch on fire when exposed to heat for a prolonged period of time.   

Monitor the Service Capacity of Your Home or Business

These places are built to obtain a certain amount of electrical capacity, and if you are adding in new electronics or lights, you may need to increase your establishment’s capacity. A common indicator that service capacity is an issue is if you keep experiencing fuses that are blowing or tripping. This upgrade will save you money in the long run and let you comfortably add new appliances to your home or business without the worry of an electrical fire starting.

Other Common Factors that Create Electrical Problems

Light Bulbs

Be sure to read the labeling on light bulb packages to ensure that the wattage you are using matches the requirements of the fixture you are putting it in. If this is not done, or light bulbs are not screwed in tightly, overheating of the bulb could lead to a fire.

Electrical Outlets

Broken or missing electrical outlets plates can be a safety hazard. Replace any of these so that wiring is not visible and check that plugs are not loose.


Avoid placing cords underneath carpets or in areas of high traffic. This can cause cracking, fraying, or overheating.

Fire Damage Repair by Servicemaster by Rice

In the unfortunate case that your establishment suffers damage from an electrical fire, Servicemaster by Rice is qualified in fire damage repair and restoration services. We will send a certified technician as soon as we can after the fire to help keep items in your establishment safe from fire residue and begin the restoration process. Our experts in Iowa and southern Minnesota are ready to help you get life back to normal.