Some cleanups are too much to even know where to start. Things such as crime scenes, biohazard spills, hoarding messes, and lethal car accidents are a few to name. It should never be left to the families or landlords to have to deal with messes like these. Apart from the psychological damage that comes from events like these, there are health concerns that arise from. Fortunately, ServiceMaster By Rice offer trauma and crime cleanup for residents and businesses all over the state of Iowa.

Health Risks

When a crime, suicide, or lethal car accident has occurred, there is generally blood and other bodily fluids are spread throughout the scene. Other people’s fluid has the potential to spread diseases and is considered biohazardous material. Our IICRC certified technicians are highly qualified and take the safest, most professional approach to each cleanup job to avoid contamination.

Emotional Stress

If you’ve had a relative or close friend involved in a traumatic event, there is a high chance that it has taken an emotional toll on you. Did you know that it is common for family members to be left with the process of cleaning up these messes? At ServiceMaster By Rice, we believe that facing trauma alone is enough. Let us do the rest of the work so that you can have the proper time and peace of mind to cope with any sort of traumatic event.

Your 24/7 Emergency Experts

Whether you need trauma cleanup, fire damage repair, mold removal, or any of our other services, contact ServiceMaster By Rice for customer-first service! We make sure to work with our clients from start to finish with open communication. We have locations in Des Moines, Cedar Rapids, Atlantic, Iowa City, Milford, Carroll, Storm Lake, and Fort Dodge. We also have locations in Austin and Fairmont, Minnesota. We look forward to hearing from you!