After suffering from a house fire, it can be overwhelming to think of everything involved in getting your family life and living situation back to normal. At ServiceMaster by Rice, we are here to provide you with some steps to help you through the fire restoration process and get you back on your feet.

Find a Temporary Living Situation

The first and most important part of recovering from a house fire is to find a safe place for you and your family to stay until you determine the condition of your house. Try reaching out to friends and family, and if that is not an option to you, reach out to disaster relief agencies in your area such as the American Red Cross for temporary relief assistance.

It’s worth noting that some insurance providers also offer additional living coverage which helps pay for food costs, storage space, and temporary housing after a house fire.

Contact Your Insurance Company

The next step is contacting your insurance agent to file a claim and determine what course of action is best whether that is finding a company to assist with fire cleanup service, repairing your home, or searching for a new one. ServiceMaster by Rice works with all major insurance carriers to offer fire damage repair and cleanup services to your home.

Keep Your Other Finances in Mind

Many insurance policies will cover your mortgage costs, but think about the other monthly bills you will still be responsible for paying such as credit card statements or car payments. If you are not able to return to your home for several months, it may be best to cancel your internet and cable.

Make An Inventory of Lost or Damaged Items

To get reimbursed, insurance carriers require you to compile a detailed list of lost or damaged items from your home with information such as the make and model, serial number, price, etc. Do this for both items large and small as any money you can have reimbursed will help. To find some of this information, you may have to search through online bank statements to get exact amounts for items you previously purchased. It is recommended to be proactive and keep a running list of all of your possessions with details so that in the case that you do lose your items in a fire, the claim process will go faster and it will be one less thing on your plate.

You should also make a list of important documents that were lost in the fire including birth certificates, passports, titles, driver’s licenses, medical records, and more as these could be necessary to possess during the claim process.

Schedule Fire Cleanup Service from ServiceMaster by Rice

ServiceMaster by Rice has been a trusted name in fire restoration by Iowa residents for over 60 years. With an extensive process that not only repairs fire damage, but also smoke and water damage left from putting out the fire, we also have experienced technicians and advanced equipment to effectively provide fire cleanup service. If your home has experienced fire damage, contact us and we will work with your insurance company to help you through the fire restoration process.