Any Iowan knows how unpredictable the weather in this state can be. Although many of us are prepping for the relaxing 60 and 70-degree weather that comes with fall, there are still summertime natural disasters which we are prone to. More specifically, Iowans need to be aware that severe flooding can still happen for the next month or two. Many residents in Des Moines, Ankeny, Urbandale, and West Des Moines recall the flash flooding that occurred in June of 2018. With water levels still high around the entire state, we are not out of flood season yet. If your home or business is affected by a flood over the next couple of months, ServiceMaster By Rice has tips on what to do.

What To Do During A Flood

Unfortunately, it is hard to predict when a flash flood will happen. Homeowners are usually only given warning hours in advance of potential flash flooding, making the preparation process hard for everyone. If you are in your home when flash flooding occurs, here is what you should do.

Act Quickly

Before water is filling up your basement, garage, or first floor, move all important items to the highest part of the house that you can. If you have pets or animals in your home, make sure they are in a safe  However, do not risk your own health over tangible items if your house has started to severely flood.

Turn Off The Power in Your Home

Everybody is aware that water and electricity do not mix. If water has started to enter your home and shows no signs of letting up, find your circuit breaker box and cut the power in your home. This will save you from the chances of being injured or dying from an electrical shock.

Move to Safety

Find a way to higher ground during a flood. It’s important to remember that floodwaters are dangerous and can have harmful objects moving around in them. Take into consideration where you are heading if you need to leave your house.

Recovery & Remediation After A Flood

Depending on the severity of a flood, your house and personal belongings might have taken a serious toll. If your house has sustained some heavy damage, here are the best ways to reduce more damage and get your life back on track.

Remove The Stagnant Water

If the water hasn’t receded from your basement, use shop-vacs and squeegees to remove as much water as possible from your home. If you have copious amounts of water, call the professionals as ServiceMaster By Rice to use our commercial-grade equipment for flood and water damage removal.

Start Ventilating Your Home

After the water has been removed from your home, open every window in your home and gather as many fans as you can to keep air circulating in your home. Stagnant water mixed with stagnant air is the perfect combination for mold to grow within your home. If mold has started to grow as a result of flooding, contact ServiceMaster By Rice for mold removal and remediation. Doing mold removal alone can be dangerous to your health.

Contact a Professional Flood Cleanup Crew

No matter the severity of water in your home, flood water carries all sorts of sewage, bacteria, runoff, and plenty more in its disturbing concoction. Improper removal can lead to long term problems in your home. ServiceMaster By Rice’s IICRC certified technicians can and will get the flood repair and remediation job done for you.

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