Fall is finally here and us Iowans and southern Minnesotans have been basking in the enjoyable weather lately. The humidity has lightened up and the temperatures have fallen to a reasonable, almost chilly, 50 and 60-degree weather. However, as enjoyable as this weather can be, it does not mean that natural disasters, floods, and house and business fires are going. The first two are generally out of a homeowners control; but this time of year is when house fires become prevalent due to common, overlooked mistakes. The experts at ServiceMaster By Rice would like to quickly refresh you on some things you can do to minimize your chances of a house fire this fall. And remember, if you need fire damage or smoke damage repair to your home, call us at any time!

Do Some Home Preventative Maintenance

Apart from spring, this is the best time of year to put in some extra leg work to make sure that your home is safe and ready for the upcoming four to six months. Here are some maintenance items you should have accomplished this fall.

Clean Your Dryer Ducts Or Hire Someone

When is the last time you cleaned your dryer ducts? Can you say you have ever done it? Over one-fifth of American homeowners claim they have never cleaned their dryer ducts. Believe it or not, dryer fires cause over 15,000 structures fires and nearly 30 deaths every year. Laundry is something that we are doing year-round, and the larger the family, the more we are doing it. Take the time this fall to clean your dryer ducts and keep your home safe.

Check Your Smoke Alarms

You should be doing this all year long. But, if it has slipped your mind recently, make sure to test all of the smoke alarms throughout your home or business. The NFPA reports that 3 of every 5 deaths from house fires comes from homes that have faulty or missing smoke alarms.

Have Your Furnace Serviced

Now that the weather is cooling down, you may have had to throw on your furnace for a couple of these past nights. Since it has been sitting dormant for months, there is a chance of underlying issues happening inside of it. They also are a potential fire hazard if one short-circuits. Furnace services are relatively cheap and can save you lots of money down the line.

Use Extra Safety Measure With Outside Activities

Now that the air is dry and the leaves are falling, fires have optimal conditions to ignite at a moments notice.

Rake Up Leaves Around Your House

Leaves are usually harmless. However, they are the perfect fuel when they are dry and on the ground in your yard. On windy days, they tend to be blown into pockets of the foundation of your home. Any sort of cigarette or short-circuited wire is sure to send leaves up in flames. Get them removed and to the curb as soon as possible.

Grill With Caution

Make sure that your grill is at a safe distance and away from any trees when you are grilling outside. It may not seem like a big deal, but an overhanging branch can catch enough heat from a grill to start on fire. Double-check to make sure there is nothing above or below your grill that can catch fire.

Call The Fire Cleanup Experts

At ServiceMaster By Rice, we genuinely hope that you or anyone you know never has to deal with a home or business fire. Unfortunately, they happen; and quite frequently. If your home is ever directly affected, make sure to contact us for professional, high-quality fire damage repair. We have multiple locations throughout the state of Iowa and southern Minnesota. Apart from disaster cleanup and repair, we also provide services such as upholstery cleaning and tile & grout cleaning. Stay safe and contact us today!