New technology from Matterport has brought documenting the restoration process to the next level by addressing the industry-wide challenge of timeliness, accuracy, and insurance disputes. Each restoration project is unique and assessing the damage can be time-consuming. Getting dimensions for each room with a tape or laser-measure can slow down an insurance claim and ultimately delay the restoration efforts. The Des Moines branch of ServiceMaster by Rice is employing this technology during the restoration process to assess the damage in a timely manner with unprecedented accuracy. 

Greater Accuracy of Disaster Damage and Building Dimensions

The Matterport technology combines artificial intelligence with 360-degree imaging to capture dimensions that are accurate within 1%. Reality capture replaces human-error with time-stamped images. Better yet, the images can’t be altered so you know everyone involved with the restoration effort is being told the same story. 

Floor plans are generated from the images taken on the 3D camera. This eliminates the tedious process of grid paper sketches with pencil and paper then trying to pair the sketch with one of the hundreds of photos taken on a phone or iPad.

To top it all off, there are a variety of media file formats available, such as 2D, 3D, video, GIF, and schematic floor plans, to easily share and analyze a disaster site. This data enables our team to make informed decisions throughout the entire process.

Fewer Disputes with Insurance and Contractors 

Insurance companies and adjusters are starting to make the switch to this technology to optimize the claims process. There is a lot at stake after a disaster strikes a home or business. The property owner wants to have their facility restored quickly with as few hoops to jump through as possible. Contractors want to be sure they are accurately compensated for the work they do. The claims process is improved drastically since the Matterport images cannot be altered and show a real-life picture of the damage. When the insurance process is streamlined, everybody wins. 

Quicker Restoration Efforts

The most important goal of restoration is to get your life back to normal. The ServiceMaster by Rice team in Des Moines is able to quickly gather visual and dimensional data with Matterport technology. The 3D cameras sync with our billing system allowing the floor plans to be produced and easily accessible to our technicians. 

Technology advancements allow our restoration teams to know what to expect before ever stepping foot on a job site. When we can confidently capture the full extent of a loss on a property we can adequately prepare for the restoration effort and get you back on your feet.

Be Prepared And Protected

ServiceMaster by Rice will continue to utilize new technologies to cut down the time between disaster and full restoration.  When a devastating event comes upon your home or business, hope can seem lost. Our team of restoration experts is ready to help you get back on your feet and fight through the chaos. We recommend signing up for our Priority Response Program to be the first on our list when an unfortunate event comes upon your business. If you have questions or need restoration services, get in contact with a ServiceMaster by Rice office closest to you!